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Tories call for small firm service

15 May 2008

Tories call for small firm service A Tory taskforce has called for a central service to give information to small businesses.

Students who work part-time for such independent firms could be interested to hear the recommendations, which could improve their job security by helping their employers operate more efficiently.

Doug Richard, the chair of the Conservative task force on small business, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the current system is not effectively measured or assessed.

"They need clear and simple information, they need red tape removed and they need a path that permits them to grow the economy, and that is not happening today," he said.

"Of those which have tried to get advice from the government, less than half of one per cent are satisfied with the result," he added.

Mr Richard said businesses agreed with him that the government is beyond its remit in trying to advise them and called for measurement, analysis and objective criteria.

"I start with the notion that what the government can do is provide information clearly and simply," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Small Businesses has launched a new manifesto that focuses on keeping trade local ahead of the local elections on May 1st.

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