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Government challenged over temp work

21 Feb 2008

Government challenged over temp work The TUC general secretary Brendan Barber has called for the government to end its opposition to equal rights for people temporary work.

Speaking in Leeds, Barber has claimed that the UK is distancing itself from Europe by trying to argue that its economy would succeed if workers in temp jobs are given fewer rights.

An increase in the rights given to temporary workers would be good news for students who are looking for temporary work during time off university or in gap years.

"MPs see more and more evidence of exploitation and unfairness in their constituencies. Other European governments are losing patience with the UK's persistent opposition to progress," said Barber

He added that once again the UK government is "on the edge of Europe" and that the government's efforts to construct a "blocking minority" will "not work forever".

Barber went on to say that there is nothing wrong with people working in temporary jobs and matching employers with workers in order to solve their short term needs is good for the wider economy.

He concluded by quoting from research the TUC had conducted which showed that 64 per cent of people agree that it should be made illegal to pay a person in temporary work less than a permanent employee.

The news follows research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development which showed that more than one in five employers in the UK think that temporary workers should have the same rights as permanent workers.

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