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Headteachers 'hard to recruit'

18 Jan 2008

Headteachers 'hard to recruit' Students who are looking to go all the way to the top in teaching may be interested to know that secondary schools in England and Wales are now finding it hard to recruit headteachers, according to new research.

A new survey by Education Data Surveys shows that there is still a problem with hiring heads for secondary schools as the level of re-advertisements for posts was 25 per cent.

Steve Sinnott, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: "The yawning gap in primary headteacher recruitment is a symptom of teachers' belief that the job is un-doable. The pressures of excessive monitoring, league tables, over-prescriptive strategies are a poor advertisement for headship."

Faith schools found it hardest to recruit new headteachers according to the research, which also showed that 37 per cent of primary school job adverts for headteachers had to be re-advertised.

A spokesman for the department for schools said: "Less than one per cent of schools at any one time will have a head vacancy and even then there will always be an acting or temporary head in place. No school should ever be without a head."

Education data surveys is an Oxford based company which provides information and research to the education sector.

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