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Workers with colds in a dilemma

15 Jan 2008

Workers with colds in a dilemma Workers in the UK who are suffering from colds cannot win either way, if they are going to work or not, according to a new report.

Research from Boots has revealed that 47 per cent of employees in the UK would prefer their colleagues who have colds to stay at home rather than spread germs but a third of them also think that taking time off work for a cold is skiving, giving food for though for students preparing to enter the workplace environment.

Angela Chalmers, Boots pharmacist said: "Battling a cold or flu afflicts all of us at some point, but this research shows that people are confused about what is the standard protocol to dealing with and treating the illness."

She added that Boots recommends that people visit their local pharmacist who can "assess their symptoms on an individual basis and recommend the correct treatments, which may or may not include some time off work."

Employees who do not cover their mouth with their hand when sneezing are completely insufferable according to 48 per cent of the people surveyed.

The majority of women who took the survey think that men moan more when they have a cold.

Boots is a UK health retailer with stores all across the UK.

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