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Work place spelling 'getting worse'

08 Jan 2008

Work place spelling 'getting worse' Students with good spelling and grammar skills could be highly sought after as a report is published which says that 60 per cent of correspondence in businesses has one or more spelling mistake in it.

The research, by WhiteSmoke, shows that workers' punctuation is also a worry with 28 per cent of mistakes relating to poor punctuation.

"The most prevalent error type has turned out to be 'missing words,' with 32 per cent of writers failing to use all the words needed for a grammatically correct sentence. Words most likely to be missed are verb auxiliaries (be, have, do), prepositions (in, on, at) and determiners (a, an, the, this), and missing nouns. For example, 'I would happy to meet you' instead of 'I would be happy to meet you,'" said Liran Brenner, the vice president of research and development at WhiteSmoke.

Many of the errors found in the writing are due to the lack of a word processing checkers which are often free, according to WhiteSmoke.

Whitesmoke provides solutions for English grammar and writing and its software is available internationally.

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