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Creative jobs result in healthier people

17 Dec 2007

Creative jobs result in healthier people Students hoping to get jobs that are more creative may be healthier in the future than people with more standard jobs, according to new research.

A study in the US by the University of Texas has shown that people who have more challenges in their work are more likely to be healthy.

Lead author John Mirowsky, a sociology professor with the Population Research Center at the University of Texas, said: "The most important finding is that creative activity helps people stay healthy. Creative activity is non-routine, enjoyable and provides opportunity for learning and for solving problems. People who do that kind of work, whether paid or not, feel healthier and have fewer physical problems."

He added that the surprising part of the research was that the daily activities of employed people were more creative than unemployed people of "the same sex, age and level of education".

In the research, working on an assembly line was given as an example of non-creative work.

The report focused on how people spent their time on a daily basis, general health, physical functioning and whether their work gave them a chance to learn anything new or do enjoyable things.

Meanwhile, businesses that want their employees to be healthier in the short-term are being encouraged to have "dry" Christmas parties.

Parties with no alcohol mean employees are less likely to get too drunk and do something they regret later such as insulting a colleague and acts of criminal damage, according to Blackhouse Jones Solicitors.

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