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Women unite to highlight pay gap

02 Nov 2007

Women unite to highlight pay gap The Fawcett Society have teamed up with UNISON to raise awareness of the ever-present issue of inequality of pay between the genders, declaring October 30th Women's No Pay Day.

Research shows that 71 per cent of women believe the government have a responsibility to do more towards narrowing the pay gap.

According to Fawcett, the majority of women in Britain feel that current measures do not go far enough.

The choice of date is based on the fact that, women earning on average 17 per cent less than men is an equivalent to women working for nothing from October 30th to the end of the year while men are paid for the entire year's work.

In simpler terms, based on the average wage of £23,600, many women lose out on an estimated £4,000 every year.

"Marking Women’s No Pay Day brings the statistics on the pay gap and the impact this has on women’s lives starkly to life. This polling how women feel about rip-off pay. Women are serious about equal pay and the solutions are clear - it’s time the Government got serious too," said Katherine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society.

Young women currently working or planning to apply for a job are advised to ensure they are being paid fairly for the work they do.

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