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One-third of UK workers are unhappy

07 Sep 2007

One-third of UK workers are unhappy New graduates are being advised to avoid the unhappiness that seems to afflict so much of the UK workforce.

According to recent research commissioned by learndirect Careers Advice, some 31 per cent of UK employees want to leave their job.

Learndirect estimates that this costs businesses around £40 million every day, as dissatisfied workers spend the time daydreaming or planning how they can escape to a better life.

University leavers may want to note the top causes of miserable working lives, to avoid making the same choices themselves.

One-third of dissatisfied respondents said they saw their job as 'dead end' because it lacked career progression and challenges.

Poor salaries, a lack of perks and too much time behind a desk were also found to be major causes of misery.

Psychologist Donna Dawson told Milkround.com: "We all have a moan now and again about our jobs, but when the dissatisfaction starts to negatively impact on our lives it's time to take action.

"The most important thing is to focus specifically on what we want to change - writing these things down helps us to decide whether these things can be changed within our present job, or whether we need to move on.

Getting advice and support from friends and family or a professional organisation is essential to help keep your frame of mind positive - and to achieve your goals."

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