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Havas Creating 100 New Entry Level Jobs For Young People In The UK

10 Sep 2021

Havas Creating 100 New Entry Level Jobs For Young People In The UK

Havas, the marketing and communications specialist, is creating 100 new entry level jobs for young people in the UK.

Havas UK is set to utilise the UK government’s Kickstart scheme to accept three times more young people between the ages of 16 and 24 into its entry-level placement programme, HKX Platform.

In addition, the company will also double the length of the placements from three months to six months.

The new HKX Platform recruits will learn about data analytics, digital marketing and design throughout their placements at Havas UK’s offices in Cirencester, London and Manchester.

Currently, Havas UK recruits around 30 young people onto its HKX Platform each year, but will now take on an extra 70 entry level recruits with the assistance of the Kickstart scheme.

Announcing the new opportunities for young people, Havas UK’s group chief people officer, Ewen MacPherson, “I’m astonished at the seemingly low uptake of the Kickstart scheme within our industry. We talk about wanting to attract more people from non-traditional backgrounds into our industry; this is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.”

“HKX Platform has always been about creating those opportunities for new talent, so we’re incredibly excited to be able to expand it, particularly at such a tough time for so many young people,” added Mr MacPherson.

The chief creative officer at Havas London, Vicki Maguire, said: “As a working-class girl from Leicester with no formal advertising training, you don’t need to tell me this industry needs more non-traditional backgrounds. I didn’t know this industry even existed until I was in my twenties.

“The beauty of creativity is that it comes in many guises. But, unless we actively seek out a greater range of minds, skillsets and experiences, we’ll never unlock its full potential. What I love about HKX Platform is that it gives kids who would never have found our way into this industry the chance to have the same ‘light bulb’ moment I did.”

Group Diversity, Equality & Inclusion lead at Havas UK, Sharon Annafi, also commented, saying: “We have committed to achieving 25% black, Asian and minority ethnic employees by 2025. And HKX Platform, which has always targeted underrepresented talent from diverse backgrounds, is one of the most powerful tools we have to achieve that.

“Utilising the Kickstart scheme increases its scale and scope, and gives us the chance to forge relationships with the job centres serving our local communities, complementing existing partnerships with our local Camden and Islington council,” added Ms Annafi.

You can find out more about jobs at Havas UK and the company’s entry level HKX Platform by visiting their careers website.

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