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£100,000 starting salary

28 Aug 2007

£100,000 starting salary With house prices, living costs and student fees spiralling upwards, many students are now being forced to tackle ever-increasing debt mountains.

Those who are looking for top-end salaries to pay all those bills might want to consider the legal profession.

A new survey, by Legal Business magazine, has found that newly-qualified lawyers at some top commercial law firms in the UK are being given starting salaries of almost £100,000.

This is thought to be the result of booming profits within the companies involved.

These graduates, usually aged around 25, are on average enjoying pay packets some 14 per cent higher than last year.

US law firms based in the UK usually pay young lawyers the most - but also expect them to work notoriously long hours.

However, even UK firms specialising in commercial law typically pay newly-qualified lawyers around £62,000.

Nonetheless, despite such tempting incentives, it seems that law isn't top choice for most UK employees.

In a recent YouGov poll, the legal profession failed to make the top five dreamt-of careers, shouldered out by people's aspirations to be authors, pilots, astronauts, sports personalities and event organisers.

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