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Coronavirus: Young People Hardest Hit In The UK Workforce

08 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Young People Hardest Hit In The UK Workforce

New figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) suggest that, following the Coronavirus outbreak, young people will be the hardest hit in the UK workforce.

The IFS research found that UK workers aged 25 or younger are the most likely to work in a sector which can no longer operate due to social distancing and self-isolation practices.

The younger demographic was found to be almost 250 per cent more likely than other age groups to be working in a sector affected by the government’s lockdown measures during Coronavirus - such as hospitality jobs or catering roles and events work.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’s figure also found that 3 in 10 workers aged 25 and under had already been affected by the Coronavirus measures the government has taken, with a quarter of all young men and more than a third (36 per cent) of young women impacted so far.

Speaking to HR Magazine in the wake of the research, Hertfordshire County Council’s Assistant Human Resources Director, Sally Hopper, advised: “If your employment has ended and you are seeking work, you may like to consider an alternative career, for example public sector and food providers are recruiting right now.”

“Looking after your mental health and wellbeing has to be a high priority too and Mind is a great website,” stressed Ms Hopper.

If your work has been negatively affected by the pandemic - or you currently need to find a job to support yourself - then, as Ms Hopper says, there are still some alternatives available even in these difficult times.

For a few ideas specific to students and other young people, take a look at our recent blogpost about the impact of Coronavirus and some places where you can still earn money during the ongoing crisis.

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