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The Highest (& Lowest) Paid Jobs This Year

01 Nov 2019

The Highest (& Lowest) Paid Jobs This Year

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released their annual survey of the best and worst paid full time jobs in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, Chief executives top the list of best paid people yet again, with bar staff leading the list of lowest paid workers in 2019.

However, looking on the bright side, bar staff’s wages are rising quicker than chief exec’s wages, with 7.4 per cent and 4.6 per cent annual increases respectively.

Overall average salaries for full time staff now stand at £585 per week, a rise of 2.9 per cent over the last twelve months. However, with inflation running at around 2 per cent, the real increase in wages is actually a fraction short of 1 per cent.

Here are the top ten highest paying full time jobs as of 2019 according to the ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, with average salaries in parentheses:

1) Chief executives (£156,209)

2) Air traffic controllers (£93,955)

3) Marketing & sales directors (£93,372)

4) Legal professionals (£90,791)

5) Financial planners & directors (£87,855)

6) Aircraft pilots & flight engineers (£86,204)

7) Dentist (£82,839)

8) Doctors (£79,769)

9) IT directors (£79,260)

10) Advertising & PR directors (£79,260)

And, at the other end of the spectrum, these are currently the lowest paid full time jobs for UK workers:

1) Bar staff (£16,055)

2) Waiters & waitresses (£16,286)

3) Kitchen and catering assistants (£16,604)

4) Leisure & theme park attendants (£16,766)

5) Launderers, dry cleaners & pressers (£17,090)

6) Educational support assistants (£17,170)

7) Beauticians (£17,179)

8) Nursery nurses & assistants (£17,392)

9) Pharmacy assistants (£17,594)

10) Hairdressers & barbers (£17,609)

Commenting on the ONS figures, Nye Cominetti, analyst at Resolution Foundation (an economic think tank), said: “Britain’s lowest earners enjoyed the strongest pay rises last year as a result of another big increase in the National Living Wage.”

“As a result, their earnings grew at least four times as fast as for Britain’s top earners. The strong pay performance for the lowest earners, on both an hourly and a weekly basis, fully vindicates that ambition of both main parties for a higher minimum wage. But more work will be needed to get everyone else’s pay packets beyond where they were before the crisis,” added Mr Cominetti.

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