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When I Grow Up I Want To Be An...

14 May 2018

When I Grow Up I Want To Be An...

New figures from job ad search engine Adzuna reveals what it says are the top ten most sought-after jobs in the UK - and the results might surprise you a little...

After sifting through more than one million job ads from the last six months of last year, Adzuna has revealed that the most desired job in the UK is...an Emergency Ambulance Driver.

The average wage for Emergency Ambulance Drivers in the UK is just over £16k a year, almost half that of the second most sought-after job which was Non-Executive Director.

Also surprising was the entry in third place, with many people looking to pick up a £23k salary as a Funeral Service Director.

Air Traffic Controller and Fashion Model were the other two highly-desired jobs which made up the top five positions.

The results were based on the job titles which Adzuna calculated to have the highest propensity of being viewed.

Here is the full list of the Top 10 Most Sought-after Jobs in the UK, according to Adzuna’s figure (with average salary in brackets):

  1. Emergency Ambulance Driver (£16,634)

  2. Non-Executive Director (£32,952)

  3. Funeral Services Director (£23,672)

  4. Air Traffic Controller (£32,959)

  5. Fashion Model (?)

  6. Rigger (£36,543)

  7. Mail Clerk (£16,575)

  8. Airport Baggage Handler (£17,246)

  9. Oil Rig Operative (£28,571)

  10. Librarian (£24,658)

Commenting on the figures Adzuna’s co-founder, Doug Monro, said: “Our data shows that the job market in the UK is thriving with a variety of different roles to accommodate the diversity of our population.

“This is evident from the top 10 most sought after jobs which offer a real breadth of experiences: Librarian to Rigger, Fashion Model to Funeral Services Director. That’s what’s really key here; us Brits are much more interested in the spice of life than salary.”

“That's most telling is an emergency ambulance driver being the most sought-after job. It shows that the UK is looking to give back to the community and be part of something much bigger rather than take home a bigger pay packet, revealing a culture of love over money,” theorised Mr Munro.

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