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Gtech To Create 100 Jobs In Worcestershire

09 Feb 2018

Gtech To Create 100 Jobs In Worcestershire

Gtech, a British vacuum manufacturer, has announced relocation plans which will see the firm create 100 new full or part time jobs in Worcestershire.

Gtech, founded in Worcester, has decided to move some of its manufacturing operations from China back to the UK. The relocation will create dozens of jobs in the company’s home county.

Commenting on the job relocation, Gtech’s chief executive and founder of the vacuum company, Nick Grey, said: “One piece of feedback I get repeatedly from the British public is, why don't you manufacture your products here? So we have designed the product to be manufactured here in the UK.”

“Currently Gtech products are built in China and transported to the UK in shipping containers which are unloaded into a warehouse. They are then individually picked and delivered to consumers. Instead, the new product will be built on the day of dispatch and collected from the end of the line by the courier,” explained Mr Grey.

The jobs announcement for Worcestershire comes as Gtech presses into eight new overseas markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company, founded in 2001, is now worth £121 million and employs around 200 members of staff in full and part time roles worldwide.

Gtech expects to complete the manufacturing relocation from China to Worcestershire some time next year and we’ll bring you more news of the jobs when we have more information.

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