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Many parents not providing for college

08 Aug 2007

Many parents not providing for college UK students face something of a grim financial future, if the latest research on their fee provision is anything to go by.

A survey by F & C Investments has found that around 70 per cent of parents have not made any financial provision for their offspring's future college costs.

This is despite the fact that 51 per cent correctly estimate tuition fees to be around £3,000 a year.

The National Union of Students recently estimated that the average debt of those graduating in 2006 was a whopping £13,252, so this lack of parental planning may be a worry to many school leavers.

Students themselves seem to have grasped the cold reality of student finances.

Over half of those questioned said they expected it would take more than a decade to pay off their student debt.

Jason Hollands, head of communications at F&C, said: "Almost half of all teenagers now go on to higher education and with some suggesting that the total cost of a three-year degree could exceed £30,000, financing future college costs is a significant challenge facing families.

"The message is simple; prepare as early as possible."

On a more positive note - 78 per cent of students regarded a degree as a good investment that would help them get a better paid job.

Some 54 per cent of students were also determined that the cost of university would not, or has not, affected their choice of subject.

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