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Don’t Fancy Uni? How About These Well-Paid Jobs Instead?

29 Jun 2017

Don’t Fancy Uni? How About These Well-Paid Jobs Instead?

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about the best paid sectors for graduate vacancies, but what about those of you who don’t want to - or simply can’t - go to university? Can you still earn good money in the UK without a degree under your belt? Maybe via the apprenticeship route?

Well, yes, you most certainly can!

A new study by jobs site Indeed has picked out some of the best paid jobs where you can forge a career and earn handsomely without needing a university education behind you.

Here are the top ten careers where you don’t need a degree, along with their average salaries in brackets:

1. Construction manager - (£53,118)

2. Maintenance manager - (£38,675)

3. Fitness manager - (£34,374)

4. Executive assistant - (£33,150)

5. Pilot - (£32,691)

6. Electrician - (£27,881)

7. Caterer - (£27,351)

8. Farm Manager - (£27,233)

9. Hotel Manager - (£27,053)

10. Estate Agent - (£27,022)

Not bad, eh?

And, if you factor in the fact that going to university for three years could leave you with average debts of more than £30,000, then the non-graduate route into work starts to look even more attractive. In the meantime you could have been earning a decent wage, staying out of debt and working your way up the career ladder.

Indeed, recent Office for National Statistics data reveals that almost 3 in 10 graduates earn less money than young people who entered the world of work via an apprenticeship rather than a degree.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t go to university, though. There are many jobs and professions - such as doctors and lawyers for example - which pay well but which you can’t possibly enter into without a degree behind you.

The point is that you DO have a choice and don’t need to feel like like you’ll be stuck in a dead end, pittance-paying job for life if you don’t go to university.

Commenting on the findings, the Europe, Middle East & Africa Economist at Indeed, Mariano Mamertino, said: “This data proves that choosing not to go onto university does not automatically mean a lower salary. Although all the roles in our list do require some form of training, they don't require a degree. Our figures suggest there is still a 'graduate premium', with graduates frequently earning more than those without a degree.”

“But while having a degree typically increases your earning potential, the cost of gaining one is substantial. As a result many school-leavers will be asking themselves whether the sums of doing a degree add up,” concluded Mr Mamertino.

You can get into a whole range of careers without a degree if you follow the apprenticeship route. And, as you can see, you can earn well in many roles if you progress through the ranks into management. Find out all about apprenticeships in the UK and apply for programmes in your area now.

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