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Cameron Vows To Create More Jobs Outside Of The South

20 Apr 2015

Cameron Vows To Create More Jobs Outside Of The South

David Cameron has vowed to create more jobs in the North and Midlands areas to even up the divide between those regions and the South of the UK.

The Prime Minister said that three in five of the jobs that his party had created over the last five years had been for vacancies outside of London and the South East. Mr Cameron also claimed that two million jobs had been created overall during that period, and he pledged to create the same number again, across the UK, over the next five years.

Speaking ahead of next month’s general election and trying to outline the Conservative’s strength in job creation, Mr Cameron said:

“I didn't come into this to create some reckless, booming economy just within the M25. That's what we had before. In Labour's Britain, where for every ten private sector jobs created in the South, just one was created in the North and the Midlands. No more. We will back business to create two million new jobs. And this is my goal - that more than 60 per cent of these will be outside London and the South East. That is what we've done in the last Parliament.”

“Because my vision has always been of a truly balanced economy, one built to last - one which is seen not just on the screens of the traders in the City of London but in the great manufacturing plants of the West Midlands and North East; in tech start-ups from Dundee to Manchester; in the tourist and defence industries of the South West and Wales, the life sciences labs of the East of England - a truly national recovery,” continued Mr Cameron.

A recent study by thinktank Centre for Cities offers evidence showing that, over the last ten years in Britain, for every 12 jobs created in the South of England, only one jobs was created in other parts of the UK.

Milton Keynes has been the major winner over the period since 2003, with jobs growth of over 18 percent, closely followed by London, with a fraction over 17 per cent. Those two areas alone account for over a third of all of the jobs growth in the UK in the last ten years. In comparison, northern towns like Burnley and Wigan have been major losers in terms of job creation, with both places now generating around 5 per cent fewer jobs than a decade ago.

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