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UK Salaries Slowly Edging Upwards Say Adzuna

26 Aug 2014

UK Salaries Slowly Edging Upwards Say Adzuna

Salaries across the nation are on an upwards curve, albeit it a shallow incline, and are a feature of almost every part of the UK except for the nation’s capital London.

Research by Adzuna shows that the average salary has risen by a fraction short of one percent to £33,873 in the twelve months since last July.

Although the reported rise of 0.9% by Adzuna may sound very modest, it marks the first increase on a year-on-year basis since the financial crisis began in the UK in the 2007/8 period.

The number of reported vacancies was up by over 25 percent from fewer than 700,000 to levels in excess of 870,000, according to the new figures from Adzuna.

Although London saw a small drop of around one percent in salaries, the research indicated that wages were way up in other regions, including:

  • 19% in Wales

  • 7% in south-west England

  • 6% in north-east England

  • 5% in the West Midlands

Commenting on the figures, Adzuna’s Andrew Hunter said: “The UK job creation boom has become a double-edged sword, creating record highs in employment rates at the expense of stagnating wages. For once we can see good levels in both job creation and wage increases. And as the UK motors on towards full employment, we may well see wages increase at a higher rate as employers begin a bidding war for skills.”

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