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Big Brother is watching Facebook

19 Jul 2007

Big Brother is watching Facebook More evidence has emerged that Facebook and other social networking sites are being monitored by those with the power to give graduates their dream jobs.

A new survey by financial services recruiter Joslin Rowe has found that increasing numbers of firms are using such sites to check out potential employees.

Around 20 per cent admitted to using such sites to run searches on job applicants, while a whopping 68 per cent used search engines to conduct further investigations.

Some 60 per cent also said they read applicants' internet blogs.

Tara Ricks, managing director of permanent recruitment at Joslin Rowe, told Onrec.com: "The research may worry some candidates - particularly those who bare all on their web pages.

"But they should not panic. Most employers looking at these sites are not trying to catch applicants out, but trying to get a better picture of a person overall or find out things that a piece of paper can't say.

"It might seem like Big Brother is watching but the best advice has to be to relax and be yourself."

However, Ms Ricks also advised people "to make sure there is nothing online that you would not be entirely comfortable for your prospective employer to see…don't get caught in flagrante delicto."

According to Joslin Rowe, top turn-offs found by employers on social networking sites include references to drug abuse, extremist or intolerant views, criminal activity and evidence of excessive drunkenness, among others.

You have been warned…

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