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McDonald’s To Flip Over Another 2,500 Jobs

23 Jan 2013

McDonald’s To Flip Over Another 2,500 Jobs McDonald’s, a burger restaurant chain you might well have heard of, has announced today that it will create at least 2,500 full or part time jobs in the United Kingdom this year.

Flexible jobs, of the sort that McDonald’s regularly offer, are a perfect way for students and young people to earn money and pick up some skills while they are still at college or university. And the good news is that the Golden Arches has a good track record on the number of young people that it employs in new roles.

Of the 3,500 vacancies McDonald’s created in 2012, around 2,400 were filled by people aged 21 or younger. That equates to around 7 in every 10 new McDonald’s jobs being given to young people in the UK.

Speaking about the hundreds of new McDonald’s opportunities, Business Secretary Vince Cable said he was impressed by the training and apprenticeships that the company was offering in a variety of skills.

By the time the new 2,500 full and part time jobs are filled by McDonald’s this year, the restaurant chain will be moving ever closer to employing 100,000 staff in the UK. At the end of 2013, there will be just short of an estimated 94 thousand people who work for McDonald’s - meaning that its headcount in the UK will have swelled by over 25% in just the last five years.

McDonald’s chief executive in the UK, the aptly-named Jill McDonald, said it was important for the big employers to invest in training and apprenticeships for young people to help them get a good start in their careers.

“Whilst today's job market is hugely competitive, we offer many people their first experience of work and we're focused on doing what we can to help more young people get into quality jobs and careers,” said Ms McDonald.

You can apply for jobs at McDonald’s outlets all over the UK via the e4s website. Just head over to our page of McDonald’s jobs. If you are interested in other good jobs for students and young people then find work in your particular town or city now by using the location search facility in our Part Time Jobs section.

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