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Big Drop In UK Unemployment But Part Time Opportunities Down

12 Dec 2012

Big Drop In UK Unemployment But Part Time Opportunities Down In some brighter news for the UK jobs economy, figures released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal a significant drop in unemployment.

Full time jobs were up by over 85,000 in the three months to October compared to the May to July period.

The number of part time jobs on offer, however, fell by close to 4,000, which could mean a decline in the availability of flexible job opportunities for students in the short term.

Overall, though, the total number of unemployed young people fell by 90 thousand when excluding students in full time education.

The full time job gains were all in the private sector, with the number of opportunities available in the public sector continuing to decline.

Federation of Small Businesses’ Chairman, John Walker, was encouraged but kept a balanced view of the latest ONS figures:

“It is good news that the labour market is inching in the right direction and that youth unemployment is falling. However, latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility suggest that unemployment will peak at 8.2% which may mean further job losses in the medium term,” said Mr Walker.

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