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Student poverty means degrees suffer

17 May 2007

Student poverty means degrees suffer Students are being forced to put money before their studies, new research indicates.

A survey by video recruitment website jobs2view has found that 68 per cent of UK students are letting their work suffer because they are forced to seek employment while at university.

Over 30 per cent of respondents also admitted they had to spend more time earning money than completing their academic work, in order to have enough money to actually complete their studies.

Jon Glas, managing director of jobs2view, told Onrec: "University is a big part of people’s lives today and it's worrying to think that students are risking lower results than they deserve because they have to work on top of it all."

More than 51 per cent of respondents also said that after graduation they ended up taking a job they didn't want because they couldn't afford to hang on for the right one.

Mr Glas advised: "We would recommend starting the search for that dream job in plenty of time so you don’t end up doing something you don't want to."

Many students leave university with debts in excess of £12,000.

The survey found that students most commonly worked as bar staff, shop assistants, waiting staff, call centre staff and in promotions.

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