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A Graduate IT Job With Microgen Could Ease Your Student Loan

31 Mar 2011

A Graduate IT Job With Microgen Could Ease Your Student Loan If you are considering a graduate IT job then Microgen PLC could be a great company to work for. The computer software and services company, based in Fleet, Hampshire, has said they will pay off up to £3,000 a year of their graduate recruits’ student loan debts.

Microgen has pledged to match their graduates’ student loan repayments up to a value of £250 a month in a move which could cost the company up to £60,000 a year.

Microgen used the announcement to put pressure on the government to change the way they deducted student loan repayments from salaries. They would like to see the current system changed so that both the employer’s and the graduate’s repayments are deducted from salaries before tax and NI, resulting in savings for both employer and employee.

The chief operating officer for Microgen, David Sherriff, said: “The debt burden on young British graduates entering the workforce is substantial and is almost certain to increase with the forthcoming changes to university tuition fees. It is a responsibility of successful employers to support ambitious young graduates and to facilitate their career development.”

Mr Sherriff said that by easing the burden on student loans they could attract the best candidates to fill their graduate jobs and ‘compete with the big boys like IBM.’

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