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Samaritans tackles student stress

29 May 2007

Samaritans tackles student stress As end-of-year university exams approach, large numbers of students will be experiencing stress, anxiety and even panic attacks about their futures, according to the Samaritans.

The organisation has highlighted the despair some students feel and urged them to ask for help rather than suffering in silence.

A spokesperson for the 24-hour service emphasised: "Anyone coping with this stressful time needs a great deal of emotional support, but asking for help is not always easy.

"Without anyone to confide in, stress, anxiety and fear can become unbearable."

Those students about to sit their finals will feel under particular pressure to get the results to propel them into their dream careers.

Common symptoms of exam stress include loss of appetite, breathing difficulties and panic attacks.

The Samaritans also emphasise that last-minute revision can make the situation worse rather than better.

The spokesperson added: "Don't be tempted to stay up late cramming last minute revision."

Some experts argue that in recent years the pressure on students has increased, because tuition fees and higher living costs have created a huge financial burden.

Worries over finances and debt are blamed by many students as the biggest negative factor of their time at university.

A recent survey found that around 68 per cent of UK students are letting their work suffer because they are forced to seek employment while at university.

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