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2 In 3 University Students Now Have A Holiday Or Part Time Job

31 Aug 2010

2 In 3 University Students Now Have A Holiday Or Part Time Job There are now more than 2 in 3 university students working an average of 14 hours a week in holiday and part time jobs to support their studies.

According to the Lloyds TSB Student Work survey which canvassed over 1,000 students in the UK, more than a third of university students now hold down a job during term time - with undergraduates in their first year of a course spending longer in the workplace than in the lecture hall. The average working week for a first year student is almost 16 hours a week against the overall 14 hours typical for all students in the UK.

Taken as a whole, the university student wage bill for part time and holiday jobs accounts for around £4 billion. Many students are unfortunately being forced to find term time or temporary positions in order to avoid getting into too much debt during their time studying for a degree. Also, more and more students are deciding to stay at home and study locally so they can afford to complete a degree.

University students in the South West are working the longest at 15.4 hours and also receive the highest remuneration, over £7.50 an hour to make up an average of around £115 a week against an average of just over £96. London students also don’t mind putting their backs into it - spending 14.8 hours a week at work while studying for a degree at the same time.

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