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London The Most Cost-Effective Of 25 Student Cities

18 Aug 2010

London The Most Cost-Effective Of 25 Student Cities For all the talk of the UK’s capital city being an expensive place in which to live, it seems to turn out to be a very cost-effective area to study if you want to combine your degree with a part time job in London.

The NatWest Student Living Index asked 2,500 undergraduates to rank 25 student cities and London came out on top of the pile for cost-effectiveness based on average student weekly against earnings from part time jobs.

London was a new entry in the poll this year - but the beautiful city of York has unfortunately been voted as the least cost-effective student place of the 25 surveyed for the second year in a row. Dundee moved up 15 places on last year to second place and was the hardest working city with students putting in an average of 16 hours a week in part time work.

Students are apparently earning over £5,000 a year in London part time jobs with hourly wages of just a whisker short of £10 an hour.

The man in charge of student banking at NatWest, Tom Adamson, said that the survey was encouraging as it showed that students were keeping one eye on their finances whilst studying. Adamson said: "As well as being resourceful when it comes to taking on more part-time work, more students are working over the summer to bring in extra money rather than travelling. Taking these pro-active steps to manage their finances is enabling them to continue to enjoy university life and prepare for their future."

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Here is the full list of 25 places surveyed with last year’s placing in brackets:

1. London (new entry NE)
2. Dundee (17)
3. Manchester (5)
4. Plymouth (13)
5. Glasgow (3)
6. Birmingham (11)
7. Portsmouth (15)
8. Cambridge (8)
9. Oxford (9)
10. Newcastle (16)
11. Bristol (6)
12. Sheffield (NE)
13. Liverpool (2)
14. Nottingham (19)
15. Leeds (12)
16. Reading (4)
17. Edinburgh (10)
18. Cardiff (14)
19. Brighton (1)
20. Norwich (18)
21. Exeter (NE)
22. Southampton (NE)
23. Leicester (7)
24. Belfast (NE)
25. York (20)

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