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What’s The Next Sexy Job In IT?

21 Aug 2009

What’s The Next Sexy Job In IT? There was a great article in the New York Times earlier this month about the sexy and exciting world of jobs in statistics!

Okay, bear with us here!

Don’t laugh. If you are looking for graduate jobs in IT then statistics could well be THE most exciting and innovative area to get into at the moment.

The New York Times article focused on the story of Carrie Grimes who had landed a graduate job in IT at Google where she was using her skills to analyse statistical data in order to improve the search engine results. She worked on an algorithm for the Googlebot which crawls the internet to bring you the very latest content out there. Her work helped to increase the probability that the crawler would visit static sites less often and drop in on frequently updated internet pages more often. Now that is a turn on!

Ms. Grimes is just one of many graduates who are currently overhauling the boring, number-crunching image of the statistics profession to make it sexy and cool.

Have we still not got you reaching for your pulling-gear?

Okay, don’t just take our word for it. Who can argue with the chief economist of Google, Hal Varian? He announced that he “keeps saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians,” adding, “And I’m not kidding.”

Still not convinced that a statistician is the perfect graduate job in IT for you?

Then how about the wages? Could they attract you? Some of these guys in statistics are earning $125,000 (£76,000) with the top companies. And that’s in their first year after completing their doctorate!

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