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Female Graduates More Likely To Be In Employment

19 Aug 2009

Female Graduates More Likely To Be In Employment A new survey of 222,000 graduates by the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveals that women are more likely to have found full and part time jobs six months after graduating.

Just short of three-quarters of female graduates who responded to the questionnaire either had full or part time employment, were working unpaid or were managing to combine work with further study. In the same six month time frame only 68 percent of men had secured full or part time work.

The figures focusing specifically on full time employment were actually much more even; 52.5 percent of women being successful and 51.2 percent of men.

It was in the part time jobs and working while studying areas where the women fared better - 1 in 10 graduate women having part time jobs as opposed to less than 1 in 8 graduate men. And almost 9 percent of women were working while holding down a part time job whilst less than 8 percent of men could boast the same achievement.

A fraction over 10 percent of the graduate men who responded said that they were unemployed or had not found a full or part time job. Only 6.5 percent of the women responded in the same way.

Combining the figures as a whole shows that just over 8 percent of all graduates had failed to find a job six months after leaving university – up from 5.6 percent last year.

The Higher Education Minister, David Lammy, emphasised that, even though the figures for the current year may look disconcerting, a university degree was still a valuable commodity as employment rates continued to be higher for graduates of both sexes when compared to people who were lesser qualified.

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