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Hottest Sectors For Graduate Jobs

28 May 2009

Hottest Sectors For Graduate Jobs Talent Q, the online psychometric testing company, last week released details of a survey highlighting what it thinks will be the hottest sectors in the graduate jobs market. The survey also gave details of which sectors it expected to have the fewest number of jobs on offer for graduates.

Talent Q expect that the utilities industry will be one of the biggest growth sectors with 75% of companies seeking to raise their budget for graduate job recruitment. Also, over half of companies in the IT and communications field are expecting to up their investment.

The survey also picked out the public sector as the third hottest area. Companies from this sector will also look to increase their graduate jobs intake – just under half of those surveyed in the sector expected to augment their pool of graduate talent.

At the other end of the scale, the survey warned that graduates should expect very tough competition for careers in the financial services sector. Human Resources professionals from the industry said that they will cut spending on graduate recruitment over the coming year and focus on improving the resources they already have.

One of the other important points that Talent Q make is that companies are changing the criteria of what they are looking for in potential recruits in the recession. In another survey recent released by Talent Q, two of every three of firms said that were now primarily seeking to recruit graduates who are flexible and had the capacity to adapt.

The director of Talent Q, Dr Alan Bourne, summarised the survey by saying that, “Sector-wise it is the utilities and technology sectors that are likely to offer graduates the most potential. What’s more, over half of respondents within these sectors have stated that they are committed to identifying high performing individuals, despite the external environment.”

Dr Bourne added that, “Savvy graduate job seekers should take advantage of the current climate by pursuing roles in the relatively more buoyant industry sectors we have identified and by making sure they display the characteristics employers are looking for.”

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