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Attend ‘right’ Universities to get best paid graduate jobs

29 Nov 2008

Attend ‘right’ Universities to get best paid graduate jobs If you are expecting to land a position in one of the highest paid graduate jobs in London then it might be worth taking note of the latest findings from the 1994 Group.

The study contrasts the future earnings which students’ anticipated when they embarked on a university course - with the reality of what they actually achieved three and half years after graduation.

According to the research published on 25 November:

  • More than 80% of graduates are either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘fairly satisfied’ with their careers
  • Nearly two thirds of graduates can expect to earn more than £20k a year by the time they have been in the job market for three and a half years
  • More than a third can expect to earn in excess of £25k
  • A postgraduate qualification provides a boost to earning power
  • Nearly 80% of graduates are satisfied with their choice of institution
  • After three and a half years, 80% of those in employment were identified as being in ‘graduate level’ employment.

All quite heartening figures, really.

However, the research also highlights some disparities amongst graduate job salaries dependant on a couple of important factors. It found that graduate wages can vary widely depending on which university you attended - and which course you studied.

The 1994 Group of universities are:

Bath, Birkbeck, Durham, East Anglia, Essex, Exeter, Goldsmiths, Lancaster, Leicester, Loughborough, Queen Mary University of London, Reading, Royal Holloway, St Andrews, the School of Oriental and African Studies, Surrey, Sussex, and York.

Those are the institutes that seemingly put you at a fiscal advantage when looking for graduate jobs in London. In addition, it seems that graduates in the science disciplines tend to earn much more than those graduating from an arts or social science background.

However, the research also pointed to the fact that - apart these financial differences - there is actually very little difference in the career satisfaction which graduates feel.

Wes Streeting, the president of the National Union of Students had these thoughts: "It is very pleasing to note the striking similarity in employment rates for graduates from all types of institution three and a half years after leaving university.

"It is no surprise that graduates from research-intensive institutions go on to earn more on average."

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