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Students "should take out insurance"

27 Apr 2007

Students "should take out insurance" As a penniless student, you might think you've got nothing worth nicking.

However, research suggests that an average student's possessions are actually worth a total of £3,000 - and that taking out insurance is generally a wise investment.

Leading UK bank NatWest claims that insurance is "a small price to pay" for peace of mind.

Mary Taylor, media relations manager for NatWest, said: "It is dangerous for students to assume that their belongings are covered by their parents' household insurance.

"NatWest would always advise students heading off to university for the first time to find out exactly what is and isn't covered and shop around for quotes."

Research by the Royal Bank of Scotland last year found generally, students earn between £60 and £130 per week through term-time work.

This means if you get burgled while at university and you're uninsured, you could stand to lose the equivalent of a year's worth of part-time wages.

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