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Identity fraud: students at risk

15 May 2007

Identity fraud: students at risk Students' "unique circumstances" make them particularly vulnerable to indentity fraud, according to one expert.

James Jones, consumers affairs manager for Experian, explained why students are particularly at risk.

He said: "Students areĀ…. particularly vulnerable. They're living on their own for the first time, they're moving around quite a lot [and] they have potential access to each other's mail."

He also acknowledged that a lack of finances can mean that students can find it difficult to pay to have their mail redirected.

Employment and financial documents present a particular risk as they typically contain certain bank details and National Insurance information.

Mr Jones suggested that students use their home address for these sort of mail deliveries.

He also added: "I would suggest to people to be on the lookout for regular post not arriving and raise the alarm if your bank statement or credit card statement or store card doesn't arrive at the time that it normally does."

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