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Apprenticeships For Travel Consultants

A Guide To Travel Consultant Apprenticeships
Visiting your local travel agents or searching on the internet and dealing with travel agents online for tourism purposes is usually an exciting time. That’s because it means you are looking for that dream holiday or travel experience and the person you are dealing with is your gateway to that perfect trip!

If you are passionate about travel and genuinely excited when friends, family or yourself are going off to explore somewhere new, then why not turn this passion into your career by doing travel and tourism jobs as a travel consultant?

You could be that person who helps others find and plan their dream trips and Travel Consultant Apprenticeships will give you the knowledge and training to really develop your career. Earn money whilst you learn your craft with Travel Consultant Apprenticeship jobs.
What Is A Travel Consultant Job Description?
As well as a passion for travel, what is a travel consultant job description? What would you be doing each day?

The travel consultant is the person who can help you find flights, hotels or other accommodation, transfers, excursions. They could also be the person who can steer you away from making a big holiday mistake by advising you about places that might be too quiet or too noisy for you. After all, if you’re a party person, you’re not going to be too happy holidaying on a sleepy, remote island, are you?

Travel consultant jobs carry with them a lot of responsibility because, whether people are travelling for business or pleasure, trips can cost a lot of money and it is your role to make sure that trip goes as smoothly as possible. You are the face of the company you work for and your customers need to have a positive experience.
Do Travel Consultants Travel?
If you are thinking about doing Travel Consultant Apprenticeships but you are also wondering, “Do travel consultants travel,” then the good news is, yes they do.

For many travel consultant jobs, you might be predominantly desk-based. For someone who has a passion for travel, this might not sound ideal. However, the big bonus when you become a travel consultant - especially for the larger tour operators out there - is that you will receive discounts on your own travel plans.

A further bonus for travel fans in travel consultant jobs is that you must have knowledge of the places you are trying to sell to people. Sometimes, your company will send you on work trips to those destinations so that you get first hand experience of them.
How Much Does A Travel Consultant Make?
Lots of people who work in the industry and do travel and tourism jobs know that the travel consultant salary is often slightly lower than that of salaries in other sectors.

However, travel consultant jobs do come with the travel opportunities mentioned above and people who work in this industry do so because they love travel so much and enjoy the reward of creating perfect holidays and trips for people.

A travel consultant salary can also be boosted by meeting and exceeding sales targets. Depending on the company you work for, this could be a monetary reward or you might be rewarded in other ways such as holidays or discounts.
How Do Travel Consultant Apprenticeships Work?
So, what qualifications do you need to be a travel consultant? Well, if you really want to kick your career off on the right foot, Travel Consultant Apprenticeships could see you well on the way.

The great thing about Travel Consultant Apprenticeship Standard is that it has been drawn up by the big names in the travel industry. These are the guys who know the skills you will need so that you can do future travel agent jobs and travel consultant jobs successfully whilst also driving forward the success of the travel industry.

When you are doing your travel consultant training, by doing Apprenticeship jobs, you will earn while you learn. Depending on your age, you will receive a minimum Apprentice wage. Some employers may also pay you a bit extra, especially if you have some previous experience or you are already doing travel agent jobs or similar.
Corporate Travel Consultant Jobs or Leisure Travel Consultant Jobs?
The skills needed to do either corporate travel consultant jobs or leisure travel consultant jobs are similar. You can choose which environment suits you as you develop your career and Travel Consultant Apprenticeships will equip you with the skills and knowledge to do this.

So you can either choose to be responsible for corporate travellers business trips, making sure everything goes smoothly from door to door. Or you can choose to match dream holidays with the right people for the right budget. This could be anything from relaxing by the pool to adrenaline,packed adventure holidays.

Whichever type of Travel Consultant Apprenticeships you do, you will learn about the following areas:
  • Geography - Know about popular travel destinations and keep up to date with travel safety advice there.
  • Travel Information - Passport and visa requirements. Also medical safety information and knowledge of time zones.
  • Industry Practice - This is where you will learn about ravel terminology and abbreviations as well as looking after people’s information and reservations.
  • Travel Options - You will learn how to create an itinerary that matches your customers’ needs.
  • Product & Service - You will learn how to match products and services to customers and sell these options.
  • Customers - During travel consultant training, you will become familiar with developing a rapport and relationship with customers so you can give them an enhanced service by knowing what they are looking for.
  • Legal & Compliance - You will learn about regulations within the travel industry for storing customer information and details.
  • Industry Technology - Travel Consultant Apprenticeships will make you familiar with the technology used for bookings, searches and storage of information.
  • Business - Meeting targets and understanding that this is what drives the business forward.
  • Sales - You will learn about the importance of meeting and exceeding sales targets and also about upselling.
  • Team & Personal Performance - Teamwork and individual work to enhance the experience of the customer.
  • Communication - You will learn how to communicate professionally and address people in the most suitable way.
  • Sustainability - You will gain an understanding of how business practice affects the environment and learn how to minimise your footprint.
Travel Consultant Apprenticeships - Qualifications And Pathways
What qualifications do you need to be a travel consultant? In the case of your Apprenticeship programme, after you have completed this, future employers will know you have the necessary skills and qualities to carry out your job effectively.
  • Your Travel Consultant Apprenticeship qualification will be nationally recognised and it is also approved by the GTMC (Guild of Travel Management Companies) and ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents).
  • On successful completion of the Travel Consultant Apprenticeship Standard, you will be awarded a Level 3 qualification. This is the equivalent to A-Levels.
  • The Level 3 Travel Consultant Apprenticeship Standard will take between 12 and 24 months to complete. This will depend on how much previous travel consultant training you have done before starting the programme.
  • If you haven’t already achieved it, you will also be expected to achieve Level 2 English and Maths before completing your Apprenticeship.
Further Career Progression After Travel Consultant Apprenticeships
After you have completed Travel Consultant Apprenticeships, it is down to you to decide how you want to develop your career.

You might be offered a full time permanent role doing travel agent jobs in the high street store you are working in or the perhaps you are working for an online company with call centres.

As you develop your skills and build experience, you could start doing travel consultant jobs at a more senior level and become a team leader or move into management. This would certainly boost your travel consultant salary.

After Travel Consultant Apprenticeship jobs, you might realise you have a passion for a particular area of travel so you could choose to specialise. This could be corporate travel or you might want to focus on those who enjoy the finer things in life and focus on being a luxury travel consultant.

Travel is a real passion for many people and working in the travel industry can be hugely rewarding. After you have completed Travel Consultant Apprenticeships, you might choose to go it alone and become an independent travel consultant, sharing your passion and knowledge for your specialist areas. And if you have more questions surrounding travel and its impact on the world - and a thirst for answers to those questions - you could do further study by doing a degree and perhaps a Masters in travel-related subjects.
Apply For Travel Consultant Apprenticeships In The UK
So, do you think you have got what it takes to become successful in travel consultant jobs? Do you think you could quickly build relationships with people and be able to advise them on the best holiday or trip for their needs?

If this is you, why not take a look to see if there are Apprentice jobs out there where you can begin or continue your travel consultant training and enjoy the rewards of nationally recognised qualifications at the end. Travel Consultant Apprenticeships could set you on the path to a rewarding and exciting career in travel and tourism jobs and careers.

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