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Plumbing & Heating Apprenticeships

Introduction To Heating And Plumber Apprenticeships
Have you decided full time education isn’t for you since leaving school? If so, have you considered doing Apprenticeships? And, if you like the idea of being in a trade where your skills will always be in demand, Plumber Apprenticeships could be ideal for you.

Doing an Apprenticeship means you will earn while you learn. Plumber Apprenticeship jobs will give you a wage and also training which will eventually result in nationally recognised qualifications. This means you can then go on to develop your career in plumbing in the future. Just look at Charlie Mullins to see what's possible when you start a plumbing apprenticeship!
What Is The Plumber Job Description?
So, if you decide to become a plumber, what will you be doing every day? What is the plumber job description? Well, whilst your services may be called upon to fix that annoying leaking tap, plumbing jobs are about much more than that and Plumbing Apprenticeships will equip you with the skills to work in various environments and carry out your role safely and effectively from pipe fittings to central heating.

You could be working in domestic spaces, designing and creating piping systems for kitchens, bathrooms and heating appliances. This means you will need good customer service skills. You might be working on building sites both indoors and outdoors. And you could be working in the UK or you could do plumbing jobs abroad.

It is possible to do Plumber Apprenticeships with the British Army as part of the Royal Engineers and this position can take you all over the world carrying out vital jobs. From bases to hospitals your plumbing and heating technician skills will be vital for keeping water flowing where it should be lowing and for keeping everyone warm.
How Do Heating And Plumber Apprenticeships Work?
If you are looking for trainee plumber jobs, Apprenticeships mean you will get structured training and qualifications. Right from the planning stages of a plumbing and heating system, Plumber Apprenticeships will allow you to learn on the job. Doing Plumber Apprenticeship jobs, you will learn how to plan, select, install, service, commission and maintain heating and plumbing systems.

Plumber Apprentice jobs will require you to be good at hands on tasks. Throughout your plumbing career, you will be dealing with metal and non-öetal pipework, cutting and shaping it to fit in various types of buildings (including outside these buildings) and heating systems. Plumber apprenticeships will also equip you to work with appliances and equipment which use gas, oil and solid fuels. You will be dealing with cold water, hot water, central heating, above ground drainage and rainwater systems.

Whatever types of plumbing jobs you do in the future, Plumber Apprenticeships will equip you to be able to work alone and as part of a team in a safe and efficient manner.

The plumber job description does not often include 9-5 hours. Depending on the type of plumbing career you choose,you could be working at any time of day or night, including bank holidays and weekend. Water systems don’t wait for public holidays and traditional office hours.

The Plumber Apprentice salary, as with other Apprenticeship wages, might not seem as high as salaries in other jobs. However, remember you are getting structured training and a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it. With some employers, you could be offered a slightly higher wage than the set Plumber Apprenticeship salary, depending on the type of role you are doing. If you are doing Plumber Apprenticeships whilst being in the army, for example, then you should have accommodation provided at some level, too.
Qualifications And Pathways
Heating and Plumber Apprenticeships are now part of the Apprenticeship Standards set up. These Apprenticeship Standards are useful for you because they have been created and drawn up by those working in the trade. They know the skills you need to be taught so that the UK has its next generation of highly competent plumbers. So, if you do decide to do plumbing jobs and go through this Apprenticeship, you know your training will be setting you up for your future plumbing career.

It is currently possible to do Level 2 Plumber Apprenticeships which are part of the Apprenticeship Framework. If you have already done this Plumber Apprenticeship or you are currently doing one then you might be able to complete the Level 3 Plumbing & Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship Standard in a shorter timeframe than currently recommended.

Likewise, if you have any other relevant experience in the plumbing industry and have any accredited qualifications or certificates, you might be awarded your Level 3 Plumbing & Domestic Heating Technician qualifications earlier.

Plumbing & Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship Standard
  • Doing Plumbing Apprenticeship jobs under this Standard will mean you will be awarded a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A-Levels).
  • The Plumber apprenticeship Standard will take 48 months to complete.As mentioned above, this can be on a shorter timescale if you already have experience and accredited qualifications at the start of your career in plumbing.
  • If you haven’t done so already, you will need to achieve Level 2 Maths and English before completing your Level 3 Plumber Apprenticeship.
  • EngTech: As well as being awarded the newly developed Level 3 Plumbing and domestic Heating qualification at the end of your Plumber Apprenticeship, the bonus with this Standard is that you will also be qualified to register as EngTech by the Engineering Council. This will be through the CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering) and/or through the CIBCE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers).
  • CSCS Card: On top of EngTech, on completion of the health and safety assessment, you will also be eligible to obtain a CSCS card. This is a Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card awarded by JIB-PMES (The Joint Industry Board For Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services).
Depending on the type of Plumber Apprenticeship jobs you are doing, your experiences will differ from those of other Plumbing Apprentices who might be working in different specialist areas. Whilst the Plumber Apprentice job description will be the same for the core skills and behaviours you will be learning, your particular trainee plumber jobs will determine the pathway you take for completion of the Apprenticeship. You should receive employer guidance on this.

As well as your core skills, knowledge and behaviours, you will need to also complete one of the following options during your Plumber Apprenticeships:
  • Fossil Fuel - Natural Gas
  • Fossil Fuel - Oil
  • Fossil Fuel - Solid Fuel
  • Environmental Technologies
Throughout your Plumbing Apprenticeship jobs, as well as the skills of the plumber, you will also need to develop certain behaviours that are key to your future plumbing career. These are behaviours such as focussing on the quality of your work, punctuality, willingness to work alone and as part of a team, displaying honesty and integrity and also behaving responsibly.
Further Career Progression After Completing Heating And Plumbing Apprenticeships
So, what happens once you have completed Plumber Apprenticeships successfully and you have been awarded your level 3 qualification and EngTech registration? For some of you, you might want to continue your plumbing career with the company or organisation you have done trainee plumber jobs with. This could be especially true if you have gained your qualifications whilst being in the army.

If the company you are working with is not in a position to offer you full time plumbing jobs, those valuable qualifications will show other employers that you have the necessary skills they might be looking for.

For others of you looking for a different type of plumbing career, you might want to continue your development with further study and move into engineering roles. This could be done via your workplace.

Entrepreneurial people could also choose to do contract work and go self-employed.

Whichever route you choose for future plumbing jobs, your Apprenticeship will have given you the base to build your career and your reputation. Skilled plumbers are in short supply so once you have made a name for yourself, you can command a good plumber salary.
Apply For Plumbing And Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeships In The UK
So, do you think you have got what it takes to build a successful plumbing career? If so, why not apply for Plumber Apprentice Jobs in locations around the UK and you could soon be on the way to learning all you need to know whilst earning a Plumber Apprentice salary, too. Check out Plumber Apprenticeships vacancies now.

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