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Jewellery Apprenticeships

Could Jewellery Apprenticeships Be Perfect For You?
Are you the creative type who has an eye for design and careful detail? If you love to be hands on and love to work on intricate patterns or create beautiful designs from metals and other materials, perhaps Jewellery Apprenticeships might suit you.

How do you know Jewellry Apprenticeships will be your thing? Well, perhaps you enjoyed creative design classes at school? Maybe you have done some short, informal jewellery making courses in your spare time? This could be fun costume jewellery or you could have done silver jewellery making courses. Maybe you have worked at weekends or holidays doing retail jewellery jobs and you would love to learn more about the actual creation of the jewellery you have been selling.

How Do Jewellery Apprenticeships Vary?
At the moment, the official name for jewellery making Apprenticeships is Jewellery SilversmithingAnd Allied Trades Apprenticeships. And there’s some great news when it comes jewellery jobs by way of these Apprenticeships. Experts in the industry have been actively involved over the last few years in really trying to attract young people like you into this line of work. After all, it is people like you who are going to carry the UK’s jewellery industry forward into the future.

These top employers and experts have worked hard to make sure that the skills you learn can really equip you do to jewellery jobs and jewellery design jobs to a high standard. Throughout your Jewellery Apprenticeship, you will learn many specialist skills and techniques, as well as being encouraged to display your own creative skills by doing your own designs under the guidance of master jewellers.

What Is Involved In Jewellery Apprenticeships?
Now is an exciting time for Apprenticeships as the government is looking to have 3 million Apprenticeships by the year 2020. So that young people like you will be tempted to take the Apprenticeship route and see them as a real alternative to going to university, Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards are being rolled out across all industries. The good news is, this also includes the jewellery industry.

Trailblazer Apprenticeships
So, what is so special about the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards and how will they affect Jewellery Apprenticeships? Well, the Trailblazer Apprenticeship standards have been developed by employers and professional bodies (where there is one) in each industry. This is great news because it means your Jewellery Apprenticeships, whichever field you choose to work in, will have been designed by these people; the people who know exactly the skills you need to succeed in your jewellery jobs and also carry the jewellery industry forward.

You will still need to reach certain levels in Maths and English (and possibly ICT) and there will be the classroom element of jewellery courses where you will learn more information about the industry. Trailblazer Apprenticeships often stretch to the highest level so you can be sure you will be properly equipped to build a successful career doing jewellery jobs.

At the moment, there are two types of Jewellery Apprenticeships Standards that are in the pipeline, designed by experts and employers:
  • Hand Engraver
  • Jewellery Maker
Eventually, whatever Jewellery Apprenticeships you are doing, there will be a changeover period so that you can change to the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards as the government wants all Apprenticeships to be by these standards, soon. Until the Jewellery Apprenticeships are ready for delivery, it is perfectly fine to start jewellery courses under the current Apprenticeship framework. Let2s look at the types of skills you will be learning.

Intermediate Jewellery Apprenticeships
Intermediate Jewellery Apprenticeships will take you to Level 2 qualifications in both skills and knowledge. During this level, you will learn jewellery manufacturing and you will work with tools and machinery used to design, create and repair jewellery. Depending on your employer, the types of jewellery jobs and roles you could be doing are:
  • Silversmith - Silversmiths work with silver jewellery, cutlery and other tableware, trophies and silver ornaments.
  • Engraver - You could be doing this by hand or using specialist machinery to create patterns or write personal, commemorative words on jewellery, trophies and other types of silverware.
  • Jewellery Technician - Manufacturing jewellery jobs mean you have to learn about and use specialist tools and machinery. This is where you will become a jewellery technician.
  • Polisher / Finisher - Have you ever noticed how bright and shiny your jewellery or silverware is when you first buy it or when you pick it up from being repaired? You will learn how to do this during Jewellery Apprenticeships.
  • Enameller - Enameller create different effects on jewellery and other ornaments to decorate them in various ways. Enamelling is an art in itself.
  • Goldsmith - Jeweller Apprenticeships mean you will also be able to create jewellery made from gold once you have more experience.
  • CAD/CAM worker - If ICT is your thing, then you might shine doing CAD (computer aided design) or CAM work in your jewellery jobs.
  • Jobbing Jeweller - The jobbing jeweller is where you will learn how to repair jewellery or alter it to fit the needs of customers.
Advanced Jewellery Apprenticeships
Advanced Jeweller Apprenticeships will take you to Level 3 qualifications and you will become a more competent jeweller where you will be a specialist in certain roles. Advanced Jewellery Apprenticeships will mean you will be able to:
  • Engrave by machine and by hand
  • Mount diamonds and other precious stones
  • Cast metals
  • Become a CAD designer
  • Continue to develop your specialist skills in the skills you learned at Level 2
Further Career Development In Jewellery Jobs
The jewellery industry is very keen to attract young people like you so that you can drive the industry forward. Once you have completed Jewellery Apprenticeships you can develop your specialism so that you can become a master of your craft. Lots of Apprentices stay on at the jewellery company where they did their training and jewellery courses but you could also build your own business, too, designing bespoke jewellery.

Apply For Jewellery Apprenticeships
If you think jewellery design jobs and roles in other areas of the jewellery industry would suit you, then why not take a look below to see if there are any Jewellery Apprenticeships to suit you. You could soon have your foot on the first rung of the career ladder and be doing jewellery jobs that are rewarding.

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