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Fashion And Textiles Apprenticeships

Have You Got A Passion For Fashion?
If you have a flair for fashion - perhaps you’ve always got your head in the latest fashion magazines or you love to browse Pinterest for fabric and fashion ideas, or maybe you dabbled with textiles in school and found you had a natural talent in that area - and you love to be creative, well perhaps you could think about doing Apprenticeships in this field.

Finding jobs in fashion can be difficult as it is a competitive industry - lots of young people look for fashion jobs - but Fashion Apprenticeships can be ideal for getting your foot in the door and making your mark so that you can start to build your career. And you never know, you could really make a name for yourself during Fashion Apprenticeships - it does happen - and you could be in demand from famous fashion houses or you could also start your own range of designs or textiles. It's how Stella McCartney started out.
How Do Fashion & Textiles Apprenticeships Vary?
Jobs in fashion vary greatly and, depending on how you choose to develop your fashion career, you could even end up working abroad, either for short trips or for a longer period. These trips could be so that you can observe and learn about fashion in other cultures but also so that you can source fabrics and other materials for your own designs.

Because you will be learning about textiles and other materials as well as the design aspect, you will be able to choose different pathways, depending on where you think your strengths and interests lie. So at Level 2, Intermediate Level, fashion industry jobs as Apprenticeships mean you will be learning a whole range of skills which will equip you to choose progress in a particular area.

You could choose to direct your Fashion Apprenticeships so that you specialise in:
  • Clothing (Apparel)
  • Textiles
  • Footwear
  • Leather goods
Whichever route you choose to take, this will impact on the experience you have during Fashion Apprenticeships. Your working environment could be studios, mills, factories, shops, for example, and you could be doing a whole range of tasks. Let’s have a look at what you will learn during your time doing Apprenticeships in Fashion and Textiles.
What Is Involved In Fashion And Textiles Apprenticeships?
It is exciting times for Apprenticeships so you could have chosen exactly the right time to choose this route into an exciting career. Apprenticeships across all industries will soon have Trailblazer standards.

This benefits both you and the industry you have chosen to work in because the Apprenticeships have been designed by experts - employers and bodies within the industry who know exactly which skills you need to help you progress and also help the growth and development of their industry.
Fashion Studio Assistant Trailblazer Apprenticeship
For Trailblazer Apprenticeships doing fashion industry jobs, there is already an Apprenticeship programme for Trailblazer Fashion Studio Assistant. This Fashion Apprenticeship has had involvement from the British Fashion Council and famous names in fashion such as Jasper Conran. Any previous qualifications needed to be offered a place on this Trailblazer programme for Fashion Studio Assistant will be stated by bodies offering this opportunity.
Intermediate Level Apprenticeships In Fashion & Textiles
At Level 2 (Intermediate Level) Fashion Apprenticeships, you will learn the skills needed to help you forge a career in the fashion industry. Depending on the route you take in your fashion jobs, you could be learning skills such as how to use a sewing machine effectively, dressmaking, cloth cutting, pattern cutting, leather trimmer, quality control, footwear production.

And don’t forget, of course, the fashion and textiles industry is all about networking and making contacts. Fashion Apprenticeships will give you that opportunity to start making connections with relevant people and building contacts for the future.
Advanced Level Apprenticeships In Fashion & Textiles
If you want to take textiles or fashion jobs to the next level then Advanced Apprenticeships in Fashion and Textiles will equip you to do this. Advanced Level Apprenticeships qualify you to work at supervisory level or to hone in on your skills.

So, for Fashion Apprenticeships, depending on the route you take, you can work at technician level. For example, as a knitting technician, a garment technologist, textile designer or textile colour technologist. For footwear, you could start designing bespoke footwear for clients. It really does depend on your chosen pathway.
Further Career Development In Fashion And Textiles
Fashion industry jobs give you much scope for further career development in the future. As mentioned above, many people in fashion jobs choose to go and work abroad for a spell so that they can experiment with different textiles and get inspiration from other cultures.

After completing Fashion Apprenticeships, you could also thinking about being self-employed and working as a freelancer. This gives you scope to develop your own range in your specialist area.

And if you want to further develop your expertise doing jobs in the fashion industry, you can do further courses that can take you to degree level or even masters level qualifications. It’s down to you to decide how far you want to take your career in this varied and exciting industry.
Apply For Fashion & Textiles Apprenticeships In The UK
So, what’s next? Well, if you really have got a passion for fashion but you don’t want to do full time study at university, take a look below to see if there any available Fashion Apprenticeships vacancies to suit you. You could soon have your foot on the first step of the ladder for landing fantastic jobs in the fashion industry.

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