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Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships

Introduction To Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships
Why should you apply for Instructing Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships? Well, what happens when you have finished school and you have decided continuing on to further education or applying for places at university really isn’t for you. What routes can you take?

If you are someone who really wants to get stuck in there in the world of work but you are worried about being stuck in a dead end job or you’re worried about lack of experience, then look no further than Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are a fantastic route for those of you who want to learn a particular trade or profession and build a successful career by learning on the job and earning a wage rather than learning completely in the classroom.

With so many to choose from, deciding which type of Apprenticeships to commit to can seem a bit of a nightmare. Of course, you might already know what you want to do but if not, have a think and make a list of all the things you are good at and the activities you like doing. You’ll be surprised at how many Apprenticeships jobs will relate to your skills. If you enjoyed sports at school and you have a genuine interest in keeping fit, perhaps you can also help others to keep fit, too. Instructing Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships could be right up your street.
How Do Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships Vary?
The health and fitness industry in the UK is a buoyant one and whatever route you take on Fitness Apprenticeships, you will always have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you like the idea of working in a gym and creating fitness programmes for people, or you think you would like to lead exercise classes to music, for example, this is the perfect Apprenticeship for you.

These types of Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships could see you working in places such as leisure centres, local gyms and other facilities run by local councils or charities.

Because Apprenticeships are real jobs, your experience while you are completing your programme will depend on the route you take and the type of facility you are working at.
  • If you have been searching for Gym Instructor Apprenticeships, then it is likely you want to work in a gym and in this case, Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships will likely focus on gym-based training.
  • You could have been searching for Fitness Instructor Apprenticeships but you want to work with large groups. In this case, you could concentrate on Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships with a focus on Exercise to Music.
  • Other possibilities for you could be Exercise and Fitness Apprenticeships with a focus on water-based exercise.
  • Or, if you are interested in working with children, you could focus on exercise and physical activity with children. The government is working hard to get children fit and healthy to try and reduce obesity rates in the United Kingdom so Health and Fitness Apprenticeships working with children mean you could be part of a team working to make this happen.
What Is Involved With Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships are currently undergoing a change with the introduction of Trailblazer Apprenticeships. These Trailblazer programmes are created by senior level employers who actually work in a specialised field. So for Exercise and Fitness Apprenticeships, professionals who are experts in this field know exactly what is needed for you to succeed in the exercise and fitness industry.

Well, that just makes complete sense, right? They are the guys who are going to be creating the new Apprenticeships in Fitness. Eventually, these Trailblazer Apprenticeships will take the place of the Apprenticeships you might be familiar with now but don’t worry. There will be a crossover period and you can still apply for Exercise and Fitness Apprenticeships and work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

At the moment, for your field, there is a Sport & Physical Activity Trailblazer Group.
Intermediate (Level 2) Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships
For now, if you are looking to do Gym Instructor Apprenticeships, Intermediate (Level 2) Exercise and Fitness Apprenticeships will qualify you to:
  • Work as an assistant in a leisure centre or a gym.
  • You will be able to operate as a gym instructor.
  • You will be able to create general fitness programmes for gym customers.
  • You will be able to lead some classes.
  • You will learn about gym operations such as membership, reception duties and safe operation of equipment.
  • Depending on the route you choose, you could also work with children.
At the end of your programme, you will be awarded a relevant Level 2 NVQ qualification.
Advanced (Level 3) Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships
Again, activities involved in your programme will depend on your chosen direction. But, if you have completed Level 2 and you are looking to do Personal Training Apprenticeships, Level 3 Advanced Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships will qualify you to be a personal fitness trainer. As well as what you are already qualified to do at Level 2, Level 3 Apprenticeships in Sport and Fitness allow you to:
  • Organise and deliver personal fitness programmes for customers on an individual basis.
  • Train athletes and sportspeople to a level of fitness for further success in their particular sport.
Further Career Development In Exercise & Fitness
So, by now, you have completed level 2 and level 3 Apprenticeships in Sport & Fitness and you can be a personal fitness trainer for individual clients as well as lead exercise classes and help with the general running of a gym. If you’re happy with that, that’s fine. But some of you might really have the thirst for more knowledge and training in your field by now.

The good news is, your career progress doesn’t need to come to a halt right there. Level 4 qualifications are available where you could work as an exercise specialist. This could be with people experiencing problems due to obesity.
So, what do you think? Do you love exercise and do you think you have what it takes to make changes to other people’s lives through exercise and fitness? If this is you and you can see yourself either working for a fitness company or even working yourself in the future, apply for Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships now. You could soon be on the way to a successful career, doing something you love and getting great job satisfaction. Sounds like a fantastic combination!

Apply For Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships In The UK

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