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Equine Apprenticeships

Introduction To Equine Apprenticeships
Many young people choose Apprenticeships based on their passion, interests or strengths. Well, if you work in an area that is also your passion, just think of all that job satisfaction you are going to have as you progress with your career. It might not even feel like you’re going to work, a lot of the time!

If you love the great outdoors and have a passion for horses, why not think about making your career around them? Equine Apprenticeships could suit you down to the ground. Did you know the horse industry contributes over £8 billion to the British economy each year? Wow, that sounds a lot doesn’t it? Well, by doing horse Apprenticeships, you could be one of the people helping to maintain and grow the success of that industry in the future and you will be spending your days with, and caring for, animals that you love.

How Do Equine Apprenticeships Vary?
Apprenticeships such as horse groom jobs are not for everyone so you must be really dedicated to looking after horses if you decide to commit this industry. Much of the work you do will be outdoors and whilst being outside on a sunny day might sound very appealing, remember that you will also be outdoors on cold, wet winter mornings, too.

Equine Apprenticeships are also not your average 9-5 jobs. This is ideal for those of you who love the idea of working varied hours on different days of the week but if you are looking for Monday to Friday roles, horse apprenticeships are not for you. Early mornings and late nights will be a part of your life.

Working with horses, doing Equestrian Apprenticeships will also mean, in most circumstances, that you will have to live on site so be prepared to move away from home to these types of Apprenticeship jobs.

The type of place you are working in will depend on your employer and the pathway you decide to take for your horse care Apprenticeships. That completely depends on the type of career you want and the types of horses you would like to work with. If you love the fast-paced life, you could be working with prime race horses or with horses used for other sports such as polo. You could choose to work with harnessed horses or you could be doing horse riding jobs, working in a riding school, for example. The world of horses is varied, as you can see. Have a think about where you see yourself in the future and this can help you decide which pathway to take as you take horse groom jobs to the next level.

What Is Involved In Equine Apprenticeships?
It’s exciting times for Apprenticeships. The government has given employer groups and other organisations control of designing what they think should be in an Apprenticeship programme.

This means that when you do horse Apprenticeships, you will still get your nationally recognised qualifications but your programme will be teaching you the skills needed so that you can take the equine industry into the future. An Apprenticeship in the horse industry designed by experts in the horse industry makes complete sense doesn’t it? The whole equestrian industry has come together to create the new Equine apprenticeships so you can be sure that you will be getting top notch training.

So let’s give these horse Apprenticeships their full Sunday name. What is it you will be doing? Well, to start with, you will be doing grooming jobs and stable hand jobs under the title of:
  • Equestrian Apprenticeship Standard Equine Groom Horse Care Level 2.
Then, if you want to take your career to the next level you will be able to the next level of horse Apprenticeships which is:
  • Equestrian Apprenticeship Standard Senior Equine Groom Level 3
These Trailblazer Equestrian Apprenticeships are designed so that you get experience of all areas of horse care such as:
  • Working safely
  • Carrying out yard and stable duties
  • Learning about horse anatomy and how to keep them healthy
  • Safe handling and grooming
  • Clothing and saddle care
  • Safe transportation of horses
  • How to exercise horses
You will also be able to choose an area to specialise more in. These areas are:
  • Breeding
  • Driving
  • Racing
Further Career Development In The Equine Industry
If you complete the Level 3 Trailblazer Equestrian Apprenticeship, then you are going to right up there at supervisory and management level as a senior groom and you will have a sound knowledge of the equestrian industry. If you do want to further your knowledge in a particular area, then there will be other courses you can do such as coaching or riding horses for particular purposes.

Apply For Equine Apprenticeships In The UK
So, whether you already go horse riding regularly, you own horses, you are already doing weekend work such as stable hand jobs, or you just know you have a passion for working with horses, why not take a look below to see if there are Equestrian Apprenticeships to suit you.

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