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Beauty Apprenticeships

Guide to UK Beauty Apprenticeships
To get ahead in hair and beauty jobs, undertaking and completing apprenticeships can be an ideal way of progressing your career because, not only do you learn about key skills within the hair and beauty industry, you also learn about employment rights and responsibilities, health and safety in the workplace and also develop your english and maths skills to assist you when consulting with clients and improve your chance of future management or running your own business.

Hair and beauty jobs are on the increase as more salons and departments open because of increased demand for these services: If you decide you want to work in the beauty industry, you will be pleased to know there are colleges, training centres and academies offering beauty therapy apprenticeships where you can choose which areas you want to specialise in as you develop your skills.

Beauty apprenticeships cover a wide range of skills because the field is so broad, and, depending on where you are doing beauty therapy jobs and which training centre you do your beauty therapy apprenticeships through, you will learn a range of skills around make-up, massage, facials, waxing, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, spray tanning and nail treatments.
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What Will I Achieve When I Do Beauty Apprenticeships?
There are two levels of Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships; Intermediate Beauty Apprenticeship and Advanced Beauty Apprenticeship.
  • You can choose to specialise in a your preferred route and on completion of your Intermediate Apprenticeships, you will achieve NVQ Level 2.
  • If you choose to do Advanced Beauty Therapist Apprenticeships, on completion, you will achieve NVQ Level 3.
Where Can I Do Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships?
As with hairdressing apprenticeships, beauty apprenticeships mean you will be employed doing beauty therapist jobs so that you are earning while you learn and you are getting hands on experience learning key skills.

For Beauty Therapist Apprenticeships, London, and other larger cities, may well offer you more opportunities and choice - but wherever you are based, there is a good chance there is somewhere relatively local where you can attend college or a training centre for one day per week, even if there are no academies. For other beauty apprenticeships, attending college may not be necessary as you complete all of your modules within the workplace or training academy.
If you are already doing beauty therapist jobs and you like the idea of doing an apprenticeship so that you can further your career, your current employer may well let you complete your levels in that same workplace.
Why Should I Consider Apprenticeships In Beauty?
As we said above, the advantage of hair and beauty apprenticeships is the fact that you come out at the other side with a set of key skills in your chosen field and an NVQ, too. This is nationally recognised, so you have the opportunity to work in various environments and begin work straight away at the level you are qualified to operate at. Also, if you are pondering the idea of beauty therapy jobs abroad, the ability to show that you have successfully completed your apprenticeship will give you better chances of getting roles overseas.

Beauty therapist jobs can also see you working in a whole range of different environments, giving you scope for an exciting career. Amongst other places, beauty therapy jobs could see you working in:
  • Hairdressing and beauty salons on the high street
  • Department stores - you could be the person offering makeovers to customers, teaching them about makeup application and advising on suitable hand and face creams or cleansers
  • Holiday resorts and hotels - It doesn’t have to be beauty therapist jobs abroad in holiday resorts. Country hotels and resorts in the UK also offer different beauty treatments for guests.
  • Cruise ships - Securing cruise ship jobs is easier if you have a recognised skill to offer and beauty therapist jobs on cruise ships could suit you.
  • Hospitals

Of course, there are lots of other places where you could do beauty therapy jobs; these are just a few ideas to make you aware of the opportunities that could be open to you when you have the necessary skills.
What Are The Different Levels Of Beauty Apprenticeships?
As mentioned above, there are two levels of Beauty Apprenticeships - Intermediate and Advanced - and, as well as other skills, you will learn and develop relevant techniques to help you carry out your job to a high standard. Let’s take a look at what is involved in apprenticeships in beauty.
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Intermediate Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships - NVQ Level 2
The Intermediate Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships will take 12 months to complete and, depending on the training centre or college you do your apprenticeship through, there may be one day a week day release where you complete theory-based work or fine tune skills you learn on the job. Assessments and monitoring will take place while you are in the workplace and, also, if this is part of your course, in a classroom situation.

If you are unsure about the route you want to take, it is possible to do Level 2 General Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships. However, perhaps you have previous work experience in a beauty salon or other outlet offering beauty treatments, so you already know your strengths, weaknesses and preferences. If this is the case for you, then it is also possible to choose a more specialist route at this stage. You can choose to specialise in make up or in nail technician services, for example.

During your Intermediate Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships course, you will become competent in:
  • Health and safety regulations in the workplace and learn about regulations in the beauty industry
  • You will learn how to administer facial skin care
  • Provide care for eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Providing waxing treatments on the body
  • Providing manicure services on nails on hands
  • Providing pedicure services on feet
  • Make-up
  • Carrying out duties on reception

You will also work to obtain Level 1 Functional Skills in English and Level 1 Functional Skills in Maths. These skills will help you towards taking part in the running of the business and also in effective communication with customers.
Advanced Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships - Level 3 NVQ
After you have successfully completed all the modules required to gain Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeships in Beauty Therapy, you are qualified to work in a rage of beauty therapy jobs as a member of the team in the workplace. However, if you really want to take your career further by learning new skills, developing existing skills further and also learning more about the bigger picture of what is involved in running a beauty salon or other businesses within the beauty industry, then it is possible to do Advanced Level 3 Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships. Advanced Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships take 18 months to complete.

The Advanced Level 3 Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships cover the following areas:
  • health and safety in the workplace - for yourself, for clients and also for other staff working around you
  • marketing products that the business sells in order to increase trade and also to benefit clients by taking part in promotional activities
  • facial and body electrical treatments so that you can enhance the service given to your clients
  • body massage and the benefits of this
  • aromatherapy and the different treatments you can offer
  • tanning treatments
  • how to develop a business further by learning about financial implications of the decisions you make within the business

You will also obtain Level 2 Functional English and Level 2 Functional Maths which are essential skills to have if you want to be successful in beauty therapist jobs and management.

The Advanced Level 3 Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship is ideal for those of you who will be looking for beauty therapy jobs as a specialised technician in a particular field - or for those of you who are looking to go into management or running your own business.

Also, many people are interested in beauty therapy lecturer jobs so that they can teach tomorrow’s high flyers to be successful in beauty therapist jobs. The Advanced Beauty Apprenticeships will set you on the road to achieving this goal, if this is the route you want to take.
Beauty Apprenticeships
How Do I Know If I Am Suited To Hair and Beauty Apprenticeships And Hair And Beauty Jobs?
Beauty Apprenticeships Require A High Level Of Personal Presentation
It's all very well gaining qualifications and skills to enable you to do hair and beauty jobs in the future, but there is more to this industry than skills and qualifications.

As you might expect, hair and beauty jobs are going to require you to look the part - and also be the part - both whilst you are carrying out your training and also once you are qualified. Clients need to be able to trust in what you are saying so you need to have the right appearance with regards to appropriate clothing, the appearance of your hair and also your personal hygiene.

Beauty Apprenticeships Require Good Social Skills And Good Communication Skills
As well as administering treatments, therapies and hairdressing, hair and beauty jobs are all about consulting with clients to ascertain their needs - and also to make them feel at ease with the work you are doing with them. If you are confident, outgoing and cheerful when dealing with the public, and you have a genuine interest in and passion for the hair and beauty industry, then beauty therapist jobs and hairdressing jobs could be for you.

Beauty Apprenticeships Come With Practical Health Considerations
However talented you may be, or however interested you are in working in the beauty industry, there are some people who suffer allergies to various hair and skin treatments. If allergies affect you, then these could unfortunately prevent you from progressing through hair and beauty apprenticeships.

Apply For Hair And Beauty Apprenticeships
So, if you think you tick all the boxes and beauty apprenticeships are right up your street, now you just need to decide on the best route for you by researching possibilities in your local area.

Is it the day release at college route or a completely workplace training route? Obviously, for beauty and hairdressing apprenticeships, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and other bigger cities throughout the United Kingdom could throw up more opportunities - but this line of work has an advantage over some others in that there should be opportunities in both rural and built up areas, too.

So what are you waiting for? Start your research today and you could be tomorrow’s expert hairdressers and beauty therapists. Check out the opportunities listed below right now!

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