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Guide To Animal Care Apprenticeships

Introduction To Animal Care Apprenticeships
There are many of you out there who have decided that full time further education and higher education is just not the route for you after leaving school. Perhaps you just want to kick start a career, doing something you love and you want to earn while you learn. Apprenticeships are perfect for that because they give you all the knowledge and practical skills you need to progress in your chosen route.

Deciding which Apprenticeships can seem a daunting task but a bit of thought about your strengths at school and the types of activities you love to do out of school can really narrow that down. If you have always been an animal lover, for example - perhaps you have pets at home or you enjoy watching TV programmes about anything to do with animals - then why not think about doing Apprenticeships in Animal Care?

Obviously, working with animals means you will need to be confident around them but Animal Care Apprenticeships, depending on the route you take, could also involve a lot of outdoor work. So, if you are looking for the type of career where you are making a difference to the lives of animals and you don’t want to to be cooped up in an office all day, Animal Care Apprenticeships could be perfect for you.

If this sounds right up your street, let’s take a closer look at the types of roles you could be doing and the skills you could be learning whilst doing Apprenticeships in Animal Care.



Animal Care Apprenticeship

An animal care apprenticeship with the Army can set you up with the skills, qualifications and experience you need to build a successful career in animal care or animal handling.

The Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) provides the service lead in the development of good husbandry, training practice, preventive medicine and care for Military Working Animals (MWAs), including dogs and horses.

How Do Animal Care Apprenticeships Vary?
As with all Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships for animal care are real jobs where you will be assisting superiors, learning valuable skills in your place of work and also working towards nationally recognised qualifications. These qualifications mean you will be able to apply for animal care jobs in other places in the future or continue to develop your career by earning further qualifications and skills.

Where Animal Care Apprenticeships vary is in the workplace. Your experience will depend on the place where you’re working - what type of animal care place it is and what their main responsibilities are.

So you could be working in a local vets, for example, assisting with customer queries, administration tasks and learning the basics of treating and looking after animals whilst they are in the vets. Animals and their owners can feel worried and stressed when they come to the vets. Do you think you could be the person to make them feel at ease?

You could be working in an organisation that trains animals for special purposes. Dogs, for example, are sometimes specially trained to look after people with particular illnesses.

Other types of Apprenticeships in Animal Care could see you working in kennel facilities. This could be a private set up where people leave their pets whilst they go on holiday. Or it could be a facility for homeless animals where your job is to keep them clean and nourished.

The United Kingdom is a nation of animal lovers so Animal Care Apprenticeships mean you should never be bored. No two days will be the same and you will have the reward of knowing you are helping animals - and their owners - live a happier life. These are just some of the duties you could be doing. We haven’t even entered the world of zoos or grooming parlours! Yes, you could be working there, too.
What Is Involved With Animal Care Apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships are undergoing a transition at the moment and this is so that they can be even more effective than they are right now. This is great news for you because it means you will be able to drill down and really develop the key skills you need to work in a particular field of animal care.

If you haven’t already got GCSEs in English, Maths and (sometimes) ICT, all Animal Care Apprenticeships will require you to work towards Functional Skills in these subjects. Level 1 for Intermediate and Level 2 for Advanced Animal Care Apprenticeships. For some Trailblazer Apprenticeships, the level might be set by the Trailblazer Group.
Trailblazer Animal Care Apprenticeships
Trailblazer schemes will eventually be available for all professions. These are programmes that have been designed by groups of professional people who work in a particular field. They know exactly the skills and qualifications you need to learn so that you can really succeed in your career.

Although Trailblazer programmes are not available for all trades and professions just yet, they will be in the future. The good news is, there are currently Trailblazer Animal Care Apprenticeships in the pipeline. These are Animal Care Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard in: Animal Care & Welfare Assistant, Animal Trainer, Veterinary Nurse.
Intermediate Animal Care Apprenticeships
With Intermediate Apprenticeships in Animal Care, you will be in a real workplace as an assistant and also be awarded Level 2 qualifications at the end of your programme. Animal Care Assistant Apprenticeships give you nationally recognised qualifications and you could be doing activities such as dog grooming, wildlife care, animal training, retail and animal care and welfare.
Advanced Animal Care Apprenticeships
Advanced Apprenticeships for Animal Care are for those of you who want to further progress your career. After completing your Level 2 qualifications, you can start working and training towards Level 3 - Advanced. Level 3 Advanced Animal Care Apprenticeships is where you take on more supervisory roles, leading junior staff or volunteers to carry out tasks so that animals in your care are looked after and/or transported safely and effectively.
Further Career Development In Animal Care
Just because you have completed your level 3 qualifications for Advanced Animal Care Apprenticeships, it doesn’t have to stop there if you are looking to progress further. Level 4 qualifications mean you can move to managerial posts and specialise in Animal Care & Welfare, Zoos and Wildlife Parks or Animal Handling. Foundation degrees or honours degrees in relevant subjects could also be an option.
So, do Animal Welfare Apprenticeships and other Apprenticeships in Animal Care sound right up your street? When it comes to Apprenticeships, Animal Care roles could be really rewarding. You could be working outdoors and, as your career progresses, you could be working long hours including evenings and weekends. However, if animals are your thing then this career is going to give you lots of job satisfaction.

Take a look to see if there are Animal Care Apprenticeships to suit you and you could soon be embarking on an exciting career.

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