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Agricultural Apprenticeships

Introduction To Agricultural Apprenticeships
There are many types of Apprenticeships out there and if you are the type of person who loves to be outdoors, especially in rural settings, then Agricultural Apprenticeships could be right up your street. If you live in a rural area or an area where farming is prevalent, then you might have thought about farm jobs in the past. Well, farm Apprenticeships or other areas of agriculture can see you specialising in a whole range of trades. Let’s take a closer look at these Agricultural Apprenticeships.

Animal & Plant Health Agency


Plant Health & Seed Inspector Apprenticeship

This Apprenticeship will put you at the heart of one of Government's most important challenges; safeguarding animal and plant health for the benefit of people, the environment and the economy. You'll earn while you gain vital career-building skills - and work to protect life across the nation.

How Do Agricultural Apprenticeships Vary?
Because of the increased use of technology, farming is changing and the farming industry needs young people like you to continue the progress of British farming. Whatever role you do, doing these types of farm Apprenticeships means you will be part of a team of people that is ultimately responsible for putting food on people’s tables. And that’s not just in the UK. Much of Britain’s produce is exported to other countries so you will play a part in that, too. Exciting, eh?

Some Agricultural Apprenticeships could see you working on land to prepare it for crops. Other types of farm jobs could be working with animals in specialist areas - dairy farm jobs, for example, or working with pigs and other livestock. As well as the care of these animals, you will learn how to transport them, too. Most farm Apprenticeships will require you to operate specialist machinery and you will learn how to do this safely as well as being hand on in the maintenance of this equipment.

The great thing about Agricultural Apprenticeships is that whatever role you do, you will receive the adequate training that will allow you to work safely in your specialist area and you will develop skills that will allow you to progress your career in the future.

Farm worker jobs could eventually lead you to specialise and you could find yourself in agricultural management jobs. If the mechanical side of farm jobs is what has interested you, agricultural engineering jobs could be your future; helping the future of the British farming industry in the design and construction of new machinery and innovative techniques.
What Is Involved In Agricultural Apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships in all industries and professions are going through exciting developments at the moment and you will be pleased to know that Agricultural Apprenticeships are included in this.
Trailblazer Agricultural Apprenticeships
The idea is that experts in the industry have a hand in designing Trailblazer Apprenticeships so that you get the opportunity to really focus on your chosen pathway in Agricultural Apprenticeships and learn the vital skills necessary to make it a win win situation. Your training can take you to the highest levels, giving you job satisfaction, and the farming industry benefits from your knowledge and capabilities.

The training and qualifications you gain will be nationally recognised and right up to date so that you can develop your career in other locations, if you wish, in the future. Some people who do Agricultural Apprenticeships also like to work abroad at later dates to get an idea of how other countries use agriculture for their own population and for export.
Intermediate Agricultural Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships as you might know them at this moment start at Intermediate Level (Level 2) Agricultural Apprenticeships. This is the beginning of your training and at the end of your programme, you will have done farm worker jobs such as tractor driving, stock person, pig technician or working with poultry, for example. It really depends on the type of farm or agricultural area you work in.
Advanced Agricultural Apprenticeships
At advanced Level (Level 3), farm Apprenticeships will take you to more supervisory roles such as assistant farm manager jobs and other team leader roles in agricultural jobs.
Higher Agricultural Apprenticeships
At this level, you will become capable of, and also hold the qualifications to be able to do farm manager jobs and other agricultural management jobs.
Further Career Development After Agricultural Apprenticeships
The world of agriculture is fast developing due to constant changes in technology and there are many directions in which you can take your career after completing Agricultural Apprenticeships. Agricultural engineering jobs could see you taking your university study further and you could be a part of future innovations in this area. Others of you might prefer the science behind agriculture and go on to work in that field.
Apply For Agricultural Apprenticeships
So, if you love the great outdoors and like the idea of making your living in the agricultural sector - whether on livestock or arable farms - take a look to see if there are any Agricultural Apprenticeships to suit you. You could soon be on the first rung of the ladder doing rewarding farm jobs that could eventually lead to an exciting career in the farming and agricultural industry.

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