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Graduate Fashion Jobs - A Guide

About Graduate Fashion Jobs
After graduating from university, more and more young people are looking for graduate jobs that not only pay well but also offer job satisfaction. Looking for a role that matches with your passions in life is one way of achieving job satisfaction and if fashion, textiles and the latest looks to hit the high street are your thing, then graduate jobs in fashion could well be right up your street.

When it comes to graduate fashion jobs, UK companies abound and you could be working either locally or, depending on the field you want to work in, you may need to relocate. For some of you, graduate jobs in fashion could even take you abroad. Perfect if you have an eye on working overseas during your career.

Obviously, working in fashion is not just about clothing on the catwalk. Fashion industry jobs can also involve textiles and other materials, jewellery, accessories, footwear, hairstyles and makeup. As a graduate, you might want to apply for fashion graduate schemes with larger companies or design houses. Alternatively, you could work locally for an independent company, building up your skills and knowledge of the fashion industry so that you can choose your own career path.

Types Of Graduate Fashion Jobs
So, the big question is, do you need a fashion degree (or related subject) to land yourself your dream fashion graduate jobs? Well, that depends on the type of role you are looking for. You might be completely surprised with the number of options open to you when it comes to jobs in the fashion industry. Likewise, if you have done a degree in fashion, you are not limited to just one particular role when you graduate. There is lots of diverse opportunity out there.

Let’s take a look at just some of the type of jobs in the fashion industry that you could do:
  • Graduate fashion design jobs: If you are creative and have done a fashion degree or related subject, then this is perhaps one of the most obvious choices of fashion jobs for you. Competition for places on fashion graduate schemes can be tough so if you have done fashion internships, placements or have any other related experience, be sure to highlight this in your application or interviews. As well as designing garments, you could also specialise in roles such as textile designer, pattern cutter or garment technologist.
If you don’t want to work directly in fashion design, other types of graduate jobs in the fashion industry could be:
  • Graduate fashion retail jobs: You can still indulge your passion for fashion by working fashion retail. There are lots of retail graduate schemes out there that can eventually lead to retail management positions for your favourite fashion names.
  • Graduate fashion buyer jobs: Graduate fashion buyer jobs could see you sourcing textiles, clothing, jewellery and other accessories both in the UK and abroad. If you are looking for graduate fashion jobs that will take you overseas, buying roles could be ideal for you.
  • Graduate fashion marketing jobs: If you want to combine your love of fashion with your online skills such as social media or SEO, digital marketing jobs in the fashion industry could be the route for you. Get the word out there about your company’s latest trends and designs.
  • Graduate fashion journalism jobs: Magazines, content writing for websites, blogging - if you have excellent writing skills, as well as a genuine knowledge of, and passion for, fashion, then why not think about fashion journalism jobs.
  • Graduate events jobs in fashion: If you love the thrill of fashion events such as launches, fashion shows and other fashion exhibitions, graduate jobs in events might be an ideal route for you.
Of course, these are just a few ideas you could consider for jobs in the fashion industry. There is lots more scope out there.

What Do Employers Look For In Their Candidates?
Because there are so many different types of graduate fashion jobs out there, employers will obviously be looking for particular skills that are relevant to your role. Having said that, at the forefront of all graduate jobs in fashion is your genuine love of fashion. Whatever type of fashion jobs you are applying for, you will need to be able to demonstrate a love and a knowledge of the sector.

An eye for the latest trends or up and coming trends is also what employers are looking for when they recruit for graduate fashion jobs. This doesn’t necessarily have to be clothing or accessories. It could also be anything from sportswear to garden furniture and textiles.

The world of fashion is exciting and fast moving so, whatever graduate jobs in fashion you are hoping to do, an ability to work with constant change and, indeed, an ability to create change, are going to set you in good stead for successful fashion careers.

What Is The Salary For Graduate Fashion Jobs?
Again, your salary for graduate fashion jobs is going to depend on the company you are working for and the type of role you are doing. Fashion graduate schemes might offer help with any necessary relocation, as well as the salary you will receive whilst doing your placement. If you are doing fashion journalism jobs, then you could also be paid by the word or article, rather than receiving a fixed annual salary.

Career Progression In Graduate Fashion Jobs
Graduate jobs, especially graduate schemes, are often about fast tracking you to more senior positions within a company. This is also true of graduate fashion jobs but there is also lots of scope for careers in this industry.

In fashion design jobs, for example, you might want to develop your career by specialising in particular areas such as sustainable fashion. Others of you might want to go it alone and run your own fashion design company either on the high street or online. If you have built up a name of yourself in the industry doing graduate fashion journalism jobs, you might prefer to do freelancing work in the future.

Apply For Fashion Graduate Jobs In The UK
Vacancies for graduate fashion jobs could be available via E4S right now. Why not take a look to see if there are any current career opportunities to suit you and you could soon be working in your ideal fashion industry jobs.

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