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Science / Research Internships

Introduction To Science / Research Internships. What Are They?
The area of science internships is a very broad subject. If you are doing a science-related degree and are looking to do science internships for undergraduates or you have already graduated and you are looking to do graduate science internships, you probably have an idea of the area you want to specialise in.

By their nature, degrees in areas of science require hands on experimentation and recording and perhaps you want to continue in this vein in the future by applying for research internships in your specialist area. Alternatively, you might want to take your skills and knowledge to the workplace and do science internships, gaining hands on experience in a whole host of sectors such as engineering, design or manufacturing.

Undergraduate science internships are all about taking you out of the classroom environment so that you can develop your skills. Science and research internships get you out there in the workplace so that you can demonstrate to potential future employers that you’ve got the experience and got what it takes to take their company forward as a graduate.

Who Can Apply For Science / Research Internships?
If you are looking to do science internships or science-related research internships then you will ordinarily need to be doing the relevant science or engineering degree to apply for placements.

Those of you hoping to land science internships for undergraduates might do industrial placements as part of your degree, depending on your type of course. Your university might have provisions in place to assist you with this. Other science internships for undergraduates are advertised by individual companies or organisations and their current opportunities appear on sites such as E4S.

What Are The Different Types Of Science / Research Internships?
Because the area is so broad, science internships or science research internships come in all shapes and sizes. You could be doing industrial placements, summer science internships over a period of a few weeks or for a longer period, depending on your situation and commitments.

Summer science internships are common and can last from one week long to a few weeks. This means that if you have other commitments, you could still do numerous science internships throughout your degree and build up lots of experience and examples for your CV.

Paid science internships are out there, if that is what you are looking for. Scientific research internships are often not paid but you might be able to apply for funding to help you cover costs if there are research internships that you are really keen to be a part of.

Internships in science and research could see you working for charities, international corporations (where you could go overseas and do international science internships), research centres, engineering firms, and in the manufacturing and communications sectors. For science internships, UK companies and organisations have lots of opportunities.

Depending on your area of interest, you could do biology internships, chemistry internships, physics internships, computer science internships, environmental science internships, marine science internships, materials science internships, food science internships, medical science internships. And, of course, there are lots of other opportunities within each of those fields.

When Do I Apply For Science / Research Internships?
Because there are so many different types of internships in science and research out there, there is no one set date for applying for placements on different programmes. For certain programmes, such as specific research projects, your course leaders could give you guidance on when to apply.

For other summer science internships and placements over a longer period, take a look below to see if there are any current opportunities to suit you and you could soon be in the workplace building your skills and making a real contribution to science.

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