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Public Relations Internships

Introduction To Public Relations Internships. What Are They?
The world of public relations is huge with so many industries out there requiring publicity and publicists to do this. Lots of students and graduates have an eye on careers in this area so PR internships are a great way to get a foot in the door. Both undergraduate and graduate internships in public relations are popular and they will give you the practical hands on experience needed to succeed in this sector.

For some PR roles, competition can be stiff so whether you have done public relations summer internships or placements that have lasted longer than this, this experience on your CV can help you to stand out above other applicants.

Who Can Apply For Public Relations Internships?
Internships in public relations come in all shapes and sizes and the type of placement you do can come down to your areas of interest. It might not be necessary that you are doing a degree in a particular subject but it helps if you have a genuine interest im, or a passion for, the sector for which you are doing the public relations. You are part of a team of people responsible for the positive image of a product, service or even person, so you will get more from the top PR internships if this is your area of interest.

Are you the type of person who could succeed in the public relations industry? People often think of this as a glamorous career but PR firm internships will show you that it is not all about glamour. As well as duties such as attending shows and events, public relations is also about rolling your sleeves up and getting involved in all the behind the scenes tasks that keep something or someone in the public eye. This could mean research around costing and demographics, sending mailshots, contributing ideas in team meetings and liaising with media outlets to try and secure coverage.

PR internships will also give you an insight into building relationships with people and networking. To be successful in PR, you need to be a people person.

What Are The Different Types Of Public Relations Internships?
There are many different types of placement out there that you can do. If you have a passion for fashion, then fashion PR internships might suit you. Music PR internships, beauty PR internships, travel PR internships. Whatever your area of interest, if you are keen to meet people and promote a field you are interested in, there could be UK and public relations internships abroad to suit you. Many of these could be paid PR internships.

When Do I Apply For Public Relations Internships?
For the best PR internships, London and other large cities around the United Kingdom could be good places to look. International public relations internships might be worth considering, too, if you want to experience working abroad. Whichever field of public relations you are interested in, make yourself aware of recruitment dates and the length of placements.

If you are ready to start looking right away, take a look at the public relations internships listed below to see if there is anything to suit you.

Apply For Public Relations Internships Now

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