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Event Management Internships

Introduction To Event Management Internships. What Are They?
Event management internships are going to give you that valuable practical experience to show on your CV when you apply for graduate event management jobs in the future. As a student, you may be studying relevant academic or even vocational qualifications but it is only event management intern jobs that are going to get you out there, in the place of work, taking action and making real decisions in real situations.

Event management internships abroad and in the UK will give you real experience and the advantage of doing these programmes is that while you are doing them, you will be able to use the opportunity to network and make useful contacts for the future.

Developing your skills in the world of events by doing internships in event management means you will have real examples and scenarios to draw upon when you are being interviewed for graduate event management jobs and careers down the line.

Who Can Apply For Event Management Internships?
If you are looking for a career that is not part of the 9-5, Monday to Friday group of jobs, then event management internships could be a great stepping stone. Event management careers will require you to be flexible, often working long hours during an event but if you enjoy meeting people and project managing then why not try event management internships?

The good news for those of you thinking about event intern jobs is that to be successful in this career, you need to be confident in dealing with people and extremely organised with your timekeeping. Whilst it might help if you are studying for degrees and vocational qualifications related to business, finance or the hospitality industry, as long as you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for working in, and organising, events for a variety of purposes, then you might be able to land yourself a placement on upcoming paid event management internships.

What Are The Different Types Of Event Management Internships?
Just take a moment to think about all the possible events that could take place both in the United Kingdom and abroad. There are companies and agencies worldwide who make all these events happen and you could be doing your placement with one of those organisations.

It might be sport event management internships, fashion events, expos, property or travel shows. And of course, you have then got all the music concerts and festivals. Event management summer internships within the music industry could prove to be really exciting. Garden shows and weddings could also be a feature of event management summer internships. Whatever the length of your placement, it is going to be hard work and lots of fun so prepare yourself!

When Do I Apply For Event Management Internships?
Because this field is so varied, application dates for internships in event management will vary between company and the types of events you are looking to specialise in. For UK event management internships, London will have a variety on offer but there will be many others around major cities and elsewhere. If you want to do event management internships abroad, check not only dates but also any visa requirements. Some internships will include assistance with this.

Take a look below to see if there any event management internships to suit you.

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