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Advertising Internships

Introduction To Advertising Internships. What Are They?
When someone tells you they work in advertising, have you ever thought about what they actually do on a day to day level? The world of advertising comprises many roles and responsibilities and trying to land graduate jobs with advertising agencies and elsewhere can be difficult due to the amount of competition out there.

You need to go about setting yourself apart from the competition and making yourself stand out. As well as other strategies you can use, undertaking advertising internships can prove hugely valuable. Internships in advertising give you the opportunity to demonstrate on your CV that you have practical experience in a real advertising situation.

Also, getting placements on the best advertising internships out there means you will gain experience in various departments and this will give you an idea of the particular area you would like to specialise in. Employers in advertising like to hear from candidates who can demonstrate that they know the industry and know exactly where they want to work. Advertising agency internships and placements elsewhere will help you to determine where your strengths lie.

Who Can Apply For Internships In Advertising?
The good news is, if you are starting to think a career in advertising might suit you and you are wanting to apply for summer advertising internships or placements for a longer period, you don’t need to be doing, or have completed, a degree in advertising.

To have a successful advertising career, you need to have excellent communications skill, you need to be creative and able to come up with innovative ideas while working to tight deadlines, you need a passion for the communications world and a determination to succeed. Top advertising internships will give you the opportunity to demonstrate these traits and show that you are genuinely interested in an advertising career in the future.

What Are The Different Types Of Advertising Internships?
Lots of students and graduates think advertising agency internships are the only types of internships in advertising out there but it is not necessary to limit your search for placements purely to these agencies.

For advertising internships, London is the city where there could be many available - but other major cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh are also worth investigating. If you are looking to spread your wings and work overseas, advertising internships in Chicago and other major cities around the world could have placements available.

There are lots of paid advertising internships out there as well as short summer advertising internships, placements that last for a few weeks and also those that can last many months. Expenses and accommodation could be provided with some placements.

Wherever you do internships in advertising, you could be given experience in looking after people’s accounts, working in the creative department where you can specialise in creative advertising internships, design or media.

When Do I Apply For Advertising Internships?
Advertising internships are being offered by advertising agencies and other companies throughout the year so you need to make yourself aware of dates for when applications open and deadlines for sending them.

As well as advertising agencies, some companies now also have in house advertising facilities so check out companies in your local area, too, to see if they have any opportunities.

If you are looking to start your search right away, many top advertising internships are advertised with us at E4S. Take a look below to see if there are any current programmes to suit you.

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