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Top Student Jobs – Cleaning Jobs
There are a few part time positions which really suit the student lifestyle and a cleaning job is certainly up there with the most flexible work you can find. All sorts of businesses are looking for cleaning staff all of the time – hotels, bars, offices, restaurants. If you can find a local cleaning job vacancy near where you live then the extra money can come in very handy.

A part time cleaning job at the weekends or in the evenings could be the ideal solution to both your financial situation - and could also be a springboard into a full time job when you leave college or university.
Will A Cleaning Job Sweep Me Off My Feet?
Okay, it’s difficult to try to dress up a part time cleaning job as something exciting and exotic – so we won’t even try….

But, like many other part time jobs which might not be the ideal career choice for a student, there are some real positives to cleaning work which should make you think twice.

First of all you can very often fit a cleaning job in around your other commitments in life such as studying and revision. Secondly, just the fact that you’ve held down a cleaning job will impress future employers enough that they may consider you before rival candidates.

And don’t forget that there will always be a pay day just around the corner if you pick up a part time cleaning job in your local area.
Why Bother Cleaning
Typical Tasks In A Cleaning Job
You clean your own bedroom – and you do your bit every now and then in the bathroom to keep things clean and tidy, don’t you? Well…you do, don’t you?

Of course you do – so you know pretty much what would be involved in a cleaning job. That said, there is a wide variety of cleaning work available with different sorts of responsibilities and tasks involved.

Some cleaning jobs are on a very basic level, whereas other cleaning roles may require a more advanced knowledge of hygiene or safety issues.

A cleaning job in a kitchen, for example, could be much more demanding than a cleaning job in an office due to the extra levels of hygiene that need to be taken into consideration.
Cleaning Job Skills For Your CV
We mentioned earlier that holding down a part time cleaning job can go a long way to impressing future potential employers – so take advantage of the skills and traits you display in the job by highlighting them on your CV.

It might not seem immediately obvious, but many of the skills you will use day in day out during a part time or temporary cleaning job can be carried through to full time positions and graduate jobs. For example, here are just a few take away skills a cleaning job could polish up your CV with:
  • Commitment
  • Time Keeping
  • Ability To Work Unsupervised
  • Patience
  • Attention To Detail
  • Team Work
Can You Make A Career Out Of A Cleaning Job?
Well, as a student, you probably won’t want to be doing a part time cleaning job for the rest of your life. But many people have managed to set up their own cleaning businesses or cleaning franchises after starting out in a part time cleaning job.

If you can learn from the ground floor up, then you could have the insider knowledge as to which type of companies in your area need a cleaning service. There might just be a gap in the market that you could exploit using your knowledge of what a cleaning job involves.
Where Can Students Find Cleaning Jobs These Days?
Don’t worry about that! We can help you out with all types of part time work – and cleaning jobs are no exception.

We list vacancies all over the country and we’re constantly on the hunt for part time cleaning jobs for students in every town and city of the UK.

Find the latest cleaning jobs below or use our Part Time Job Search facility to look for other job opportunities.
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Constellation London North

Lister Road

Rate of pay depending on working hours

Domestic and Housekeeping Assistants

Constellation London South

Parklands Hospital, Aldermaston Road

#domestics #housekeeper #cleaner #basingstoke #....

Domestic and Housekeeping Assistants

Constellation London South

61 New Lane

#domestics #housekeeper #cleaner #havant

Domestic Cleaner

Constellation Midlands

John Taylor Free School, Tatenhill

£9 Per Hour

Domestic and Housekeeping Assistants

Constellation London South

Alton Community Hospital, Chawton Park Road

#domestics #housekeeper #cleaner #alton #hampshire

Domestic Cleaner

Constellation Midlands

Peterborough City Hospital, Bretton Gate

£9.20 per hour daytime shift & £10.50 per....

Domestic and Housekeeping Assistants

Constellation London South

Petersfield Hospital & Southern Health Care,....

#domestics #housekeeper #cleaner #petersfield

Domestic and Housekeeping Assistants

Constellation London South

Hampshire Partnership Nhs Trust, Ravenswood House,....

#domestics #housekeeper #cleaner #fareham

Advanced Apprentice Substation Craftsperson (South East –....

National Grid Plc



Office Administrator




Higher Apprentice Substation Engineer (London)

National Grid Plc



Project Support Higher Apprentice, Capital Delivery

National Grid Plc



Higher Apprentice Substation Engineer (South East - North....

National Grid Plc



Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

Mirfield Pre-School & After School Club



Apprentice Nursery Practitioner




1-20 of 27 jobs

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