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Care Assistant Jobs For Students

A Quick Overview Of Care Assistant Work For Students
If you care about other people then working as a care assistant is the sort of job that students should certainly look into. It can be a very rewarding way of helping the lives of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities while, at the same time, earning some money for yourself working flexible hours.

The work involved in a care assistant job can be much more varied than you might imagine. You could be helping people on an almost full time basis or just as an occasional "helper-out" for people who want to remain as independent as possible.

You might find a suitable care assistant job in a care home, but there are also lots of positions where you help out by visiting people in their own homes. Sometimes live-in care assistant jobs are also offered.
Is It Difficult For Students To Get Into Care Assistant Work?
Perhaps surprisingly, there are no formal qualifications necessary to become a care assistant, so students have a good chance of securing this sort of work on a part time, temporary or full time basis.

However, if you find that you like care assistant work, then you can train towards recognised qualifications which would stand you in good stead for more roles in the future.

Like with most other kinds of work, if you can show previous work experience in a similar field or can demonstrate that you have the qualities that make up a good care assistant then students have as good a chance as anyone else of finding this sort of work.
Typical Tasks For Care Assistants:
  • Caring for children
  • Caring for the elderly
  • Caring for people with disabilities
  • Shopping
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Duties
  • Monitoring medication
  • Helping out colleagues with their duties
  • Liaising with GPs or social services
Care Assistant Job Skills For Your CV:
There are lots of skills required of care assistant workers which look fantastic on a CV. Here are just a few of them:
  • Communication
  • Professional manner
  • Good Interpersonal skills
  • A caring disposition
  • Patience
  • An understanding nature
Can You Move From Care Assistant Jobs To Other Careers?
With some of the skills that we listed above now proudly displayed on your CV, you could transfer easily to another line of work. But you might not want to. You might find that you get so much from care work that you would like to make a long term commitment in the sector and help many people along the way.
How Much Can Students Earn In Care Assistant Jobs?
Part time care assistant work can be over £6 an hour and is dependent on your level of experience in the field and the actual job itself.

If you would like to get into care assistant work on a full time basis, then a typical starting salary could be in the region of £10,000. As you gain more experience you could find that earnings rise to around £16,000 over time.

And don't forget that accommodation is sometimes provided with care assistant jobs so the net benefit overall can actually be much higher than the basic salary sounds.
Are You Ready To Start Applying For Care Assistant Work?
We have a number of clients who regularly advertise their care assistant jobs through the e4s website because they know that this can be very rewarding work for students.

Check out if we are now listing any care assistant jobs for students at the bottom of this page.

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