1) Agreement.

This Agreement applies to the Employer's use of the services provided by Employment4students.co.uk Ltd. By submitting a proposed Advertisement the Employer accepts and acknowledges that it is bound by the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

2) Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply throughout the duration of this Agreement:

(a) "Advertisement" refers to a specific job description posted on the Website by Employment4Students.

(b) "Contract Duration" is a period of twenty-eight calendar days that begins to run on the day payment is received by Employment4Students, unless otherwise agreed.

(c) "Current Price" means the price listed on the Website.

(d) "Due Date" means the last date for invoice payment by the Employer. This date is the fourteenth calendar day after the date shown on the invoice.

(e) "Employer" means a customer advertising a job vacancy on the Employment4students website.

(f) "Student" means other users of the service - typically student jobseekers.

(g) "Website" is the website found at www.employment4students.co.uk

(h) "Employment4students" refers to Employment4students.co.uk Ltd.

3) Provision of Service.

(a) By entering into this Agreement the Employer signals its acceptance that Employment4students.co.uk Ltd merely acts as an advertising medium and can on no account guarantee or be held liable in respect of either the level of response to an Advertisement or the quality of the Students responding to the Advertisement.

(b) Employment4students.co.uk Ltd reserves the right to refuse proposed Advertisements, or remove adverts already posted, due to illegal or amoral content, or on any other grounds that Employment4Students deems to be reasonable, including, but not limited to:

(i) Adverts for escort and/or adult industry work;

(ii) Adverts for pyramid selling scheme work;

(iii) Adverts for work where prospective candidates are required to send money and/or self addressed envelopes for further information and/or as part of the application process;

(iv) Adverts for positions that require an up front payment of any kind;

(v) Adverts for models or actors posted by employers who have registered with Employment4students using a generic e-mail address (such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo) and/or a mobile phone number;

(vi) Adverts that contain links to other websites offering job posting facilities.

(c) Any contact between the Employer and Students is carried out at the sole discretion of the Employer. Employment4Students has no control over such contact, and accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of such contact.

d) By advertising and posting a job on Employment4students you are consenting to Employment4student using your company logo on marketing material. We reserve the right to use the logo of the company whose vacancies we are advertising

4) Contract Duration

This Agreement will run in accordance with the Contract Duration. After the Contract Duration ends, this Agreement will be terminated automatically unless otherwise agreed between the Employer and Employment4Students.

5) Price and Payment.

(a) The Employer agrees to pay Employment4students.co.uk Ltd the Current Price in full for the service described on the Employment4students website, and any applicable VAT that is levied on the amount.

(b) The Current Price will be the applicable price to be paid by the Employer under this Agreement unless a separate pricing agreement between the Employer and Employment4Students has been entered into.

(c) All invoices are to be paid in full by the Employer by the Due Date unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Failure to pay the invoice in full by 6pm on the Due Date will give Employment4Students the absolute right to delete any information entered by the Employer on the Employment4Students website meaning that the Employer's Advertisement will not be posted on the website at any time after the Due Date.

(d) Employment4students.co.uk Ltd reserves the right to change the Current Price at any time. However, once the Contract Duration begins to run, the price agreed between the Employer and Employment4Students will be fixed for the Contract Duration.

6) Employer Obligations and Responsibilities.

(a) The Employer is obliged to act in good faith, in a business- like manner and must ensure that any data received in response to the Advertisement is used only for legitimate recruitment purposes and is kept confidential so as not to breach the Data Protection Act (1984/1998).

(b) The Employer is responsible for ensuring that the content of any proposed Advertisement submitted on the Employment4Students website is true, accurate and does not infringe on the rights of any third party. Furthermore, any proposed Advertisement must not contain any material that is offensive, discriminatory or of a nature that Employment4Students may reasonably deem unsuitable for the general public.

(c) It is the responsibility of the Employer to ensure that any information submitted to Employment4students.co.uk is relevant, accurate and up to date on the first day of the Contract Duration.

(d) Employment4students reserves the right to request confirmation or further details on any information that is submitted by the Employer on the Employment4Students website. It is the responsibility of the Employer to answer any such request that is deemed necessary in the reasonable opinion of Employment4Students, and any answers given must be full and to the reasonable satisfaction of Employment4Students.

7) Employment4students.co.uk Ltd Obligations and Responsibilities.

(a) Employment4students is obliged to use reasonable care and skill in the provision of the service.

(b) Employment4Students is obliged to ensure that confidential information received from the Employer is kept in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

(c) Only once the Contract Duration begins to run and the agreed payment is received from the Employer in accordance with section 4 of this Agreement before the Due Date, Employment4Students agrees to place the Employer's Advertisement onto the Website for the Contract Duration (subject to section 8 of this Agreement) after which the Advertisement will be removed from the Website unless otherwise agreed between the Employer and Employment4Students.

(d) The Advertisement shall remain on the Website constantly during the Contract Duration subject to section 7(e) of this Agreement.

(e) Where the Website requires such maintenance and upgrading as is deemed necessary by Employment4Students, Employment4Students accepts no liability whatsoever for a situation where the Employer's Advertisement becomes inaccessible to Students during the period of such maintenance and upgrading.

(f) If the maintenance and upgrading described in section 7(e) of this Agreement causes the Employer's Advertisement to become inaccessible to Students for a period of longer than seven calendar days, Employment4Students may compensate the Employer for this loss of service at its sole discretion.

8) Termination.

(a) Employment4students.co.uk Ltd reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at its sole discretion if:

(i) The Employer breaches any of its obligations under section 6 of this Agreement;

(ii) The Employer breaches any of the conditions specified in section 3(b) of this Agreement;

(iii) The Employer fails to pay in full any sums owed to Employment4Students under this Agreement by the Due Date;

(iv)Employment4Students believes, on reasonable ground, that the Employer is using the Website improperly, or in bad faith, or with the intention of damaging the reputation of Employment4Students in any way.

(b) The Employer cannot terminate this Agreement before the expiry of the Contract Duration unless otherwise agreed between the Employer and Employment4Students. It is accepted that no breach of any obligation by Employment4Students shall entitle the Employer to repudiate this Agreement.

(c) The Employer accepts that, in the event of termination, Employment4students.co.uk Ltd has sole discretion over deciding whether or not any compensation or reimbursements should be paid to the Employer.

9) Rights of Third Parties

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this Agreement.

10) Governing Law.

Use of the Employment4students.co.uk website and these terms and conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. All parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the local courts.