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Work Abroad In Cool Resorts This Summer

02 Feb 2017

We are delighted and excited to announce that, yet again, E4S is working together with overseas job experts Air-Pro to offer all of our students the chance to work in the most exciting resorts abroad in 2017.

If you are cheesed off with the British weather and all you really want to do is escape overseas for the summer – then E4S and Air-Pro can help you achieve your dream of working a summer in the sun in lively, buzzing resorts like Zante, Tenerife, Magaluf, Malia and Ibiza.

Air-Pro are a complete A to Z of holiday work – from Ayia Napa to Zante – and they are looking for students and other young folk who want some fantastic fun in the sun…

Don’t watch that, watch this!

APPLY NOW: http://jobapp.r-funl.com/s3/Air-Pro

You can go on your own to make new friends – or, alternatively, you can persuade your mates in the UK to head out over there with you. Imagine working in a holiday resort like Zante with your mates!

So, how does it work? How do you land this dream job overseas? And what sort of holiday jobs are on offer?

What Sort Of Holiday Jobs Can You Do?

Well, summer job descriptions range from ticketing jobs to bar work to DJs, from PR staff to dancers and from hotel staff to chefs. A whole range of positions is available for students who love fun but don’t mind a bit of hard work.

What does a typical Air-Pro gig look like?

Here what you can look forward to from Day One, right from the horse’s mouth:


When you touch down in the resort you are met by our reps at your accommodation where they check you in and set you up for the big night ahead, which they organise. So the very first night you arrive, you’re out with our reps on a bar-crawl, where they hook you up with drink deals, free shots, drinking games etc.


Next morning there will be a quick meeting followed by a tour around the island that gives you a sense of where things are. That night you’re taken out on a 2nd themed bar-crawl which is for all of Air-Pro, this gives you the chance to meet the whole Air Pro family and start getting well involved with the worker’s scene. If you love meeting new people, you’re going to love this!


For those who want to start work, great, for those who want to carry on partying, no problem, we have stuff going on all the time from beach parties, booze cruises, football comps and pool parties -life’s a beach worker’s party. There are also boat and road trips around the island, or just chill by the pool, the choice is yours.

Overseas Jobs 2017

Experienced Reps To Help You Out

Air-Pro has well over a decade of experience in finding the right jobs for the right people in the right resorts. Let their proven track record help you to get away from it all this summer!

Just the very names of places like Zante, Ayia Napa, Ibiza and Magaluf conjure up images of chill-out music, bar crawls, swimming pool frolics, foam party antics and theme night wildness. Working in these resorts is an absolute dream job for most young people!

And now YOU could be taking part in any of those activities and living it large while working in a summer job and earning money at these much-sought-after youth-oriented resorts.

Air Pro will help you every step of the way so that you can earn money while having the holiday of a lifetime. They will help with booking flights to the resort and sorting out your digs for the weeks while you are there. Air Pro will also make sure their experienced reps are there to meet you at the resort so they can guide you on how to land a job for the duration of your holiday.

These reps know how to network, and they’ll pass their knowledge onto you!

Summer Jobs Abroad

Your Air-Pro reps will also organise fantastic events for you too. You’ll be soaking up the sun and enjoying wild nights with Air-Pro’s famous bar crawls, foam parties, booze cruises, swimming pool olympics and legendary theme nights.

Most companies try to train their reps primarily as sales people to maximise earnings on day trips and excursions from the resorts. Air Pro, on the other hand, concentrate on making sure that their reps have the insider knowledge of resorts to give YOU the best chance of finding work when you rock up in town.

You don’t even need any qualifications to work in these overseas student jobs with Air Pro. The main thing is that you love meeting people, you have a keen and positive attitude and you will enjoy the work you will be doing at the resorts.

How Does It Work?

Air-Pro works like this: You pay them a registration fee of just £68 for a guaranteed place and training. That also gains you access to their own dedicated social network called ‘My Travel Buddies’ and a Facebook page which will give you access to more resort and holiday job advice. It will also help you make new friends while you are away, and make the whole experience of working abroad much safer.

There are also a number of other costs you’ll need to pay – such as your flights tickets, resort fee and rep fees. Those won’t break the bank, though, and, what’s more, you’ll be earning too if you fancy doing some work rather than partying all the time…

How Much Can You Earn?

How much you earn will depend on which resort you are in and which you job you are doing. But, just as a rough rule of thumb to give you an idea, a typical shift in Zante can earn you around €25 to €35 depending on whether it’s high or low season.

Living costs can be quite cheap, though, so you should still end up in pocket…so long as you don’t go too crazy!

Ready To Get Started?

So, what are you waiting for? Head straight for the Air Pro Website now for more info and to get your application filled in. Then all you have to do is start packing your suitcase before the good times start rolling!

Apply now! http://jobapp.r-funl.com/s3/Air-Pro

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